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All New ProShow 9 is Here!

Today we release the all new ProShow 9 jam-packed with a suite of streamlined creative tools for an easier slideshow making process. Discover new filter tools for photos + videos such as follow filters, layer filters, motion filters, a re-designed color tool, and 4K publishing all at your fingertips. Plus, ProShow 9 includes even more intuitive features + enhancements to build complex and professional looking slideshows with just the click of a button.

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New Features in ProShow 9 Include:

  • Follow Filter
    Adding animation effects to your slideshows just got easier. With the all-new Follow Filter you can have multiple images, layers, and captions all move together with a few clicks. Set the motion of a layer or caption and use the Follow Filter to make other layers and captions follow the position, zoom, rotation, or tilt of your chosen layer. The new Filters tab gives you access to a variety of easy customizable animation effects for your slideshows.
  • Layer Filters
    ProShow 9 includes 45+ of built-in Layer Filters to apply on your photos and videos, and combine those filters with other slide and transition effects making them more captivating. With the Layer Filters browser you can easily see what each filter does, with real-time previews, to pick the perfect effect.
  • Motion Filters
    Apply animation effects to a specific layer with Motion Filters without manual editing. Easily apply one of the dozens of built-in effects like fly-in and fly-out behaviors. Create high energy photo and video animations with just a click.
  • Color Tool + Palettes
    The re-designed color tool gives you more creative options over your slideshows. You can now browse built-in color palettes, create your own custom color palettes, and search through compliments or variations palettes to fine-tune your current colors.
  • 4K Output
    You can now publish your slideshows in 4K! Output in high quality to match your high quality photos. Improved publishing options gives you the ability to share and highlight your work as best as possible.
  • Publishing Queue + Publishing History
    Need to publish to multiple outputs? With the new publishing queue you can set the order of outputs from start to finish and will continue running even while you’re away. You can also access your slideshow history so you will never lose track of your videos and which output you used for them.

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