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2017: Our Year in Numbers

Check out another round of fun Photodex stats from 2017. A special thanks to all our loyal ProShow fans for being a part of another great year. Cheers to the new year, we’re ready for what’s to come in 2018! Can’t wait!Continue reading

Need An Excuse to Make a Slideshow?! It’s Cinco de Mayo…

Cinco de Mayo with Proshow - What's Your Story?!

We here at Photodex love a good excuse to celebrate! Not only that but we LOVE any excuse to showcase that celebration with an epic slideshow. So let’s celebrate cause it’s Cinco de Mayo.Continue reading

Slideshows as Part of a Photographer’s Marketing Strategy

Today’s guest post comes from SCU President and founder of Marketing Essentials International, Skip Cohen.

I’m still amazed at the number of artists who don’t offer their clients slideshows. Thanks to Photodex technology, it’s never been easier. Camera technology is also playing a role, making it so simple to add video clips to still images and then put everything to music!Continue reading

2016: Our Year in Numbers


Another awesome year has come and gone. Look back on some fun Photodex stats that we’ve gathered for 2016. Thank you to all our ProShow fans for being a part of our year. 2017 here we come! Continue reading

Photodex YouTube Channel Hits 10 Million Views


It’s time to celebrate! Our Photodex YouTube Channel hit 10 million views! Actually, it’s more like 10,052,449 views. Thanks to all of our ProShow fans for watching and sharing our videos. We post step-by-step training videos, spotlighted shows, product demos, and more to provide #quicktip information on ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, and ProShow Web for you. Continue reading

2015: Our Year in Numbers

What a year! Check out some fun stats for 2015. Thanks to all our ProShow fans for another great year!

youtube views (3)

We’ve had 1,638,459 YouTube video views so far this year. Thanks to our viewers for watching all our ProShow demo and training videos, spotlights, new FX freebie videos, and more. Continue reading

Create 60fps Video in ProShow 7


In ProShow 7, many of the video file export presets were retooled so that creating high quality video files from your slideshows is simple and consistent. Part of this retooling process included adding 60 frames-per-second presets where appropriate. Today I’m going to cover why you’d want to create a 60fps video file and tell you where you can find these options.

Continue reading