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Part 2: Using the Wizard in ProShow 8

In Part 2 of Using the Wizard in ProShow 8, we’ll show you how to use the basic tools and new custom control tools. In addition to the theme you’ve chosen, you can also apply a custom effect to the slide(s) you’ve selected in the wizard. Continue reading

Part 1: Using the Wizard in ProShow 8

If you haven’t heard yet…we’ve redesigned the wizard in ProShow 8 to give you more control over your show’s look and feel. In Part 1 of Using the Wizard, we’ll show you just how easy it is to use the new streamlined interface giving you one-stop access for easily mixing your content, music, and FX. Continue reading

Create New Wizard Themes

Are there specific slide styles and effects you’re always using? Turn them into your own Wizard theme! Simply follow a few easy steps in our quick tip ProShow video and learn to make your own Wizard theme. You’ll have a saved custom theme to make slideshows with your own distinctive look. Continue reading

Editing Wizard Themes

Watch our ProShow quick tip video for an informative tutorial on how to edit Wizard themes. Follow these simple steps to learn how to customize wizard themes with your favorite slide styles and effects for a customized look! Continue reading

5 Right-Click Gems in ProShow 6

5 Right Click Gems in ProShow

The right-click menus in ProShow have some really useful features that can speed up your workflow and get you to features and options quicker than other methods. Here’s a round up of 5 great right-click options that we think you’ll find very useful! Continue reading

Creating Custom Wizard Themes in ProShow

ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer allow you to create your own, custom wizard themes for your photo + video slideshows. If you have a set of favorite effects, or if you’d like ProShow’s Wizard to use effects from Style or Transitions Packs, you can create new themes or customize ProShow’s built-in themes easily. Learn how in this video.

For more information on creating your own custom wizard themes in ProShow, check out these helpful tips >>