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Spotlighted Show: Focus Imagery

Graeme Bint spent years as an underwater photographer, capturing beautiful images in the challenging waters of the reef. After shooting numerous weddings for friends over the years, Graeme’s passion shifted from underwater photography to photographing weddings professionally. 5 years ago, he started Focus Imagery and hasn’t looked back since. Continue reading

See Why Sal Cincotta Loves Using ProShow Web for Client Slideshows

See how Sal Cincotta uses ProShow Web for his slideshows

We’re thrilled to be working with award-winning photographer & founder of Behind The Shutter magazine, Sal Cincotta. Sal uses ProShow Web to create customized slideshows for all of his clients. Continue reading

New ProShow Theme: Always – Perfect for Weddings & Portraits

New 'Always' theme for ProShow

With Wedding season in full swing, we thought it the perfect time to offer you our new theme and ProShow FX set, suitable for weddings, portraits, basically everything else (it’s that versatile)! Continue reading

Tips for Making a Rehearsal Dinner or Reception Slideshow

Tips for making a great rehearsal dinner slideshow

The rehearsal dinner is a family-focused event traditionally held the day before the wedding. They come in many forms and range from semi-formal dinners at a restaurant or banquet space, to casual and intimate gatherings at someone’s home. It’s a great opportunity for the wedding couple’s family members to get to know each other (and in some cases – the bride and groom). What better way to add personality & humor to the occasion than a photo slideshow of the bride and groom? Continue reading

Make a Beautiful Opening Statement in Your Shows with these Tips and FX

Making meaningful intro slides in ProShow

Your slideshow’s intro sequence sets the tone for your show and pulls your audience into the story. If you’re making a wedding, engagement, anniversary or portrait slideshow, use an intro slide to create a meaningful opening statement for your show.

We’ve rounded up some great tips and some of our favorite intro FX that will give your ProShow video slideshows instant polish! Check them out below.

Making an Impact with Your Intros

  • Add a date to your intro sequence. If you’re making an engagement slideshow, add the upcoming wedding date ‘Anna & Dave – 12-11-14 – Save the Date!’. If it’s a wedding slideshow, the wedding month, day and year is appropriate. If it’s an anniversary show, then add the couple’s anniversary date or consider including the year or milestone anniversary they are celebrating ‘Mary & Chris – Celebrating 30 Wonderful Years’. If it’s a new baby announcement, add the birth date. ‘Introducing – Sara Anne McCormic – 9.10.15’.
  • If you’re going to use an image or a sequence of images for your intro frame or slide, be sure and choose wisely. It’s the first thing the audience will see on the screen. Make sure the images convey the overall meaning of your show and gives everyone a glimpse of what’s coming next. There are many Slide Styles and FX that feature multi-image montages with captions that work great for an intro sequence. (See sample 2 below)
  • Choose a song with a nice intro sequence so you can match that up with the timing of your intro slide. If a song starts abruptly and there’s no space or ‘breathing room’ before it gets going, that can be a bit jarring when an intro slide plays. This can be helped with a slight fade-in of the audio track, allowing time for the intro sequence to play and move onto the main part of your show.
  • Try starting your show with a short quote. A quote can add a meaningful touch and sets the stage for your show. Click here for some of our favorite quotes for slideshows.
  • Give your intro sequence enough screen time. This is one of those times where you can linger a little longer so that everyone has a chance to read and take in the beginning of your show.

5 Great Intro FX for Your SlideShows

This round up of instant intro FX are perfect for a wide variety of slideshows.

Badge Title Dark

Create Intro Slides that Impress with ProShow
The Badge Title effect is reminiscent of a classic wax seal but with an updated, contemporary vibe. It’s a great way to display a couple’s initials (use a large script font for best results) or for displaying their names “Anna & Peter”, for example. Works with any background photo. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Block Collage

If you’re wanting to highlight a series of images in your intro sequence, the Block Collage effect works great. Each image fades into place while the caption is displayed on the screen. Works with up to 8 images and comes in a variety of background colors. Available in Style Pack 5.

Chevron Banner

This Chevron Banner effect makes a great opening slide. Add a little motion to the background image for even more impact. There are several variations that feature the banner centered or to the right or left. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Flourish Title Image Blur

This makes the perfect title slide, especially if you’re looking to include a date along with a couple’s name. The flourish design offers up a classic look and the blurred image background gives your audience just a tiny glimpse of what’s to come in your slideshow. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Damask Elegance

If you’ve photographed a formal affair or are looking for a dressed-up intro slide, Damask Elegance is a great choice. Add whatever text you’d like (perfect for adding a quote!) and choose your own font to match with the rest of your show. Available as a free download for ProShow.


Ultimate Story Contest: Enter Your Best Wedding Videos

Get your cameras ready! We’re in search of the ultimate wedding story, told through the creative use of photos ,videos and audio. Enter your best wedding and engagement videos for a chance to win some awesome prizes from Panasonic Lumix, Profoto, Colormunki, Photodex and Resource Magazine.

All entries must be received by December 10th. The grand prize winner will be announced January 2, 2015.

Click here to learn more and enter! It’s totally free and open to contestents world-wide!


Wedding Photography Spotlight: Tony Fitzgerald Photography

Tony Fitzgerald Photography

Santa Cruz, California based wedding photographers, Tony Fitzgerald and Lisa LeCoump, have built a business around creating video slideshows for their wedding clients. Read below to learn how ProShow is helping to set them apart from the competition and build buzz about their business.

The Wedding Industry Today

“At most weddings today, it seems like everyone has a camera, and often the pictures taken by friends are on Facebook before the wedding is even over. Many couples today are looking for far more than just a series of snapshots. Traditionally, a professional photographer photographs the wedding and provides the couple with gorgeous photos, but it is weeks before they are available, and they are delivered chronologically in a sterile gallery, with often hundreds of photos. Sometimes an album is created, but it may be months before the album is available and not everyone gets to see the album.

Professional Video Slideshows = Quick Turnaround

Instead, we deliver a collection of the best photos in a curated professional slide show video that is both creative and unique. We use ProShow Producer to create the slideshow because it allows us so much creative freedom. The slideshow is done in storybook form starting with the bride and groom getting ready and then showing the wedding and the reception. It allows us to highlight the very special moments as they happened.

The slideshow provides the couple with a very quick alternative to a wedding album, within days of the wedding while everyone is still interested and sharing photos. It is easily posted to social media, and many couples are using it as their photo album. We grant printing rights so the couple can legally post the photos to Facebook, Twitter and a personal website or create an album or anything else as a DIY project. The couple’s friends immediately start posting comments and sharing the slideshow!

Setting Themselves Apart

Additionally, we are certified Green by the County of Santa Cruz and the Monterrey Bay Area Green Business Program (and I believe we are the only local photographer that is). This is something that is important to couples today as well as to us, and the slideshow helps us to stay green by allowing the pictures to be shared electronically. We think this is a whole new paradigm in wedding photography, and ProShow Producer is allowing us to do it!”

– Lisa LeCoump

Watch a Sample Wedding Video:

Video made in ProShow Producer featuring effects from StylePack Weddings.