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5 Tips for Making a Wedding Slideshow (Part 1)

Today’s guest post comes from SCU President and founder of Marketing Essentials International, Skip Cohen.

Welcome to Photodex Friday. The idea for this series came out of me noticing the number of artists who are missing one opportunity after another by not offering slideshows as a service/product to their clients. So, I spoke with the team at Photodex, and here we are with the first installment. While parts of this first post might be pretty basic for some of you, think of it as a review. It’s important for you to start learning to visualize the slideshow before you put it together. Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Modern Wedding Photography

Modern Wedding Photography blog graphic

This week’s spotlighted show comes from Denise Chastain of Modern Wedding Photography. She photographed this couple’s stunning New York wedding and put together a slideshow using ProShow Producer to tell the story of their wedding day. Continue reading

Infinity: New Co-Designed Slideshow Theme with Sal Cincotta

PSW-New-UI-Sal-V2 (blog header)
We’re so excited to announce our all-new ProShow Web slideshow theme, Infinity. Co-designed with award-winning photographer Sal Cincotta, Infinity offers up sleek and simple effects that showcase your photos and videos beautifully. Perfect for wedding slideshows, portrait slideshows, fine-art shows and more. Watch a sample below. Continue reading

Making a Demo Slideshow Reel for Your Business

Today's guest post comes from photographer Lisa Robinson
Today’s guest post comes from photographer Lisa Robinson

One of my favorite things about slideshows is how powerful they can be. There’s something about setting a series of photographs in motion with just the right music that can really tug at people’s emotions. That’s why it is such a great tool to use in your business! Making a demo reel of your showcase images can only add to the awesomeness you are creating and putting into the world. Here are a few of my tips on how to make an effective demo reel: Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Hoffland Studios

carol + jay

Want to sell more albums? Try creating an album preview slideshow. That’s exactly what Houston-based photographer Eric Hoffland does and his clients love it!

Eric created this beautiful wedding day slideshow using ProShow Producer. He uses ProShow Producer to create “album layout slideshows” to demo his albums to clients as part of a final production approval. Once they see the album pages moving on the screen paired with a beautiful song, they’re hooked.Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Salvatore Cincotta Photography

sal main image with logo

International award winning photographer, author, speaker, and educator Sal Cincotta, recently shot this couple’s beautiful St. Louis wedding. Click to watch his slideshow below. Continue reading

5 Tips for Avoiding Photography Burnout & Staying Creative

5 tips for avoiding photography burnout and staying creative
It happens to all of us. Burnout. It creeps up, almost unnoticed. You just think you’re tired because you’re busy, and busy is good, right? That tends to be the mantra of us self employed. As if not filling every iota of time with a “to do” task means that we’re failures or our business is in jeopardy. Sooner or later all your days are filled with “busy” and we’re left with our jaws on the floor when we realize we haven’t take a day off since August and it’s nearly Thanksgiving (my constant battle each year with “wedding season” here in D.C.). Continue reading