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How to Offset an Audio Track

ProShow allows you to customize your audio with offsets. Include multiple soundtracks if you have images that tell different stories, or apply offsets to merge two soundtracks to create a crossfade. Add offsets to your slide sound as well and match them up with your keyframe effects. Continue reading

Learn to Split Audio

Learn how to split audio in your show soundtrack using ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer. Fade, trim, adjust volume, and more to your audio. Watch our #quicktip tutorial and customize your soundtrack the way you want it. Continue reading

Working with Video in ProShow

Get a quick overview of how to add and edit video clips to your slideshows when using ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer. Adding a video is like adding a photo. You can trim, colorize, set audio adjustments and more to your video clip. Continue reading

Capture Frame

Learn how to use the capture frame feature and create your own still frame images. Simply choose the frame you want to grab, right click on the preview screen, and select “Capture Frame”. Play the ProShow training video above for a step-by-step tutorial. Continue reading