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Make Custom Themes in ProShow Web

Looking for more theme variety? Learn how to make your own custom theme in ProShow Web. You can mix and match any effects, transitions, and slide styles to enhance your custom theme. When you are done it will be saved under the Special Selections category for use in any slideshow. Continue reading

Add a Call-to-Action Link in ProShow Web

Looking for an easy way to promote your business? Add a call-to-action link in your ProShow Web slideshow. The link will appear before and after playback and while the video is paused. Simply click your Settings and turn on your Link option. Continue reading

Branding Your Slideshows in ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer allows you to add a watermark to your slideshows. Watch our quick step-by-step video and learn how it works. Using a watermark is a great way to promote your brand or business, as well as protect your work. Continue reading

Photo Editing Tools in ProShow Web

If you haven’t heard, ProShow Web now offers built-in photo editing tools powered by Adobe Creative Cloud. You can select any image in your show to crop, add filters, sharpen, and more while you’re creating your slideshow. Continue reading

Create New Wizard Themes

Are there specific slide styles and effects you’re always using? Turn them into your own Wizard theme! Simply follow a few easy steps in our quick tip ProShow video and learn to make your own Wizard theme. You’ll have a saved custom theme to make slideshows with your own distinctive look. Continue reading

Editing Wizard Themes

Watch our ProShow quick tip video for an informative tutorial on how to edit Wizard themes. Follow these simple steps to learn how to customize wizard themes with your favorite slide styles and effects for a customized look! Continue reading

How to Crossfade Audio

Want multiple tracks in your slideshow to play continuously? Learn to crossfade audio tracks with ProShow in our quick tip video. Continue reading