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AVCHD Output in ProShow 8

Publish slideshows in HD quality to a DVD disc that’s playable on all Blu-ray players with the new AVCHD output in ProShow 8. Making an AVCHD disc is almost the same as any other disc output. The difference is that AVCHD does not support menus. However, you can add multiple shows and include extra content just like DVD and Blu-ray discs.Continue reading

Font & Symbol Browser in ProShow 8

ProShow 8’s built-in font and symbol browsers lets you visually preview fonts in a separate window for easier selection. With the browser you can compare your caption fonts to easily decide which font will work best for your ProShow slideshow. Continue reading

Import Content from Social Platforms

Want to make a slideshow with images you’ve uploaded to an online account? Learn to easily import content directly from your Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms in this week’s quick tip tutorial video. Continue reading

Output to a USB Flash Drive with ProShow 8

The new USB flash drive output in ProShow 8 makes it easy to publish directly onto your USB flash drive for playback on your smart TV. This gives you the ability to play high quality HD video on your smart TV, without using any DVD or Blu-ray hardware. Continue reading

Combine Shows in ProShow 8

ProShow 8 is packed with many new features. In this week’s tutorial video we’ll show you just how easy it is to use the new ‘Combine Shows’ tool.

Now you can create one continuous video made up of separate shows with the ‘Combine Shows’ tool in ProShow Gold and Producer 8. Simply select which shows you want to combine, make any additional changes, and publish. Continue reading

Part 2: Using the Wizard in ProShow 8

In Part 2 of Using the Wizard in ProShow 8, we’ll show you how to use the basic tools and new custom control tools. In addition to the theme you’ve chosen, you can also apply a custom effect to the slide(s) you’ve selected in the wizard. Continue reading

Part 1: Using the Wizard in ProShow 8

If you haven’t heard yet…we’ve redesigned the wizard in ProShow 8 to give you more control over your show’s look and feel. In Part 1 of Using the Wizard, we’ll show you just how easy it is to use the new streamlined interface giving you one-stop access for easily mixing your content, music, and FX. Continue reading