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5 FX Pack 7 Transition Favorites

Rolling Facets – Effects Pack 7

Have you checked out the brilliant collection of transitions in Effects Pack 7? Inspired by lights and shapes to enhance your ProShow slideshows! We rounded up a few of our favorites below that are great for adding a little pop of visual flare in your videos. Continue reading

10 Autumn Inspired FX for Your Slideshows

Happy first day of Autumn! The leaves are changing, the weather has gotten a lot fresher (at least down here in Texas), and we’re venturing outside to capture those great moments. Gather up your cute pumpkin patch photos, beautiful fall foliage photos, and other autumn images and drop them into ProShow to make a slideshow. Continue reading

How to Use the Add/Remove Time Feature in ProShow 8

The new add/remove time feature helps to improve slide time editing. This gives you the ability to adjust the timing from selected slides or transitions while still maintaining your pace and keeping effects intact when making those changes to your ProShow slideshow.Continue reading

ProShow Effects Pack 7 Is Here!

Give your ProShow slideshows a fun new look with our beautifully curated Effects Pack 7! This amazing collection of slide styles and transitions is inspired by lights and shapes to enhance all your ProShow Producer 8 slideshow videos.

Effects Pack 7 offers a wide array of styles with title designs, illuminating transitions and a variety of image & video effects for making any slideshow look both professional and unique. Continue reading

Creative Tip: Colorize Your Photos with Slide Transitions


When it comes to slideshow creation, it seems that there are two distinct schools of thought: a) visual effects can be used to spice up your shows and maintain viewer interest for a longer period of time, or b) your images should be the focus of the show and effects should be used sparingly, if at all.  But there’s nothing preventing you from getting the best of both worlds, so long as you choose your effects wisely. Today I’m going to show you a simple type of effect for ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer that can keep your slideshow visually interesting without detracting from the imagery.

Continue reading

Free Flora Effects for ProShow

Whether you’re planning to make the perfect Mother’s Day slideshow or just want to showcase some recent photos and videos in style, you’re going to love these gorgeous botanical-inspired freebie effects for ProShow. Perfect for family, portrait, wedding, nature and landscape photography. Watch the demo video below to see the effects in action!

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