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Creative Tip: Using Text Layers and Tilt to Create 3D Text Animation


In ProShow Producer 6 we introduced Text Layers in order to give you new creative possibilities with text. In contrast with captions, one of the obvious benefits of a text layer is to put them above or below other layers in your slide. But having an actual layer with text also means that you can use layer-only features like masking, blur, and tilt in ways that weren’t possible in previous versions. Today I’m going to show you a cool effect that utilizes text layers and tilt to simulate 3D motion on text. Although there are technically a lot of steps, this effect should only take a few minutes to set up.

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5 Beautiful Free Fonts for Valentine’s Day Slideshows

Looking for some great fonts for your Valentine’s Day slideshows? Look no further! We’ve rounded up 5 beautiful, free fonts that are perfect for adding a title slide or photo caption to your ProShow slideshows. And…with ProShow 6’s expanded font support, you can now install and use OTF (Open Type Fonts) like the ones below. A designer’s dream come true!

1. Matchbook

Match book free font download
Add a contemporary and refined look to your slideshows with the Matchbook font. Its curved edges and mordern look make it a perfect choice for young couples, portrait slideshows and more. Like the layout of the slide? We used the slide style ‘Full Length Portrait Caption 1‘ which is built into ProShow Producer 6.

2. Scriptina Pro

Free Scriptina Pro font
Scriptina Pro is a gorgeous script font that’s perfect for title slides or highlighting headlines or names above photo captions. Tip: Use it sparingly so you don’t overwhelm your audience and use a large font size so it’s easy to read. The layout for this example slide was made with the free Legacy set of effects for ProShow Gold, Producer and Web. You can download the effects set free here.

3. Mathlette

Free valentine's day fonts for slideshows
Mathlette is a fun and quirky font with a hand-written look. Use it to caption a photo or as a the focus of a title slide. The layout shown in this example was created using the ‘Vintage 12‘ slide style found in StylePack Vintage.

4. League Script

Free valentine's day fonts for slideshows
Like the look of a hand-written note? League Script is a great way to add a special message to any photo. Use a slow ‘Fade Right’ caption effect to make your caption appear as though it’s being slowly written across the screen in your slideshow.

5. Seaside Resort

Free valentine's day fonts for your slideshows.
Seaside Resort has a 1920’s feel, reminiscent of fancy, old-school jazz clubs. Work this font into your slideshows when you want to accent a photo, make a big splash with a title slide and more. The sample in the slide above was created using the new ‘Text Layer Title 1’ slide style built into ProShow Producer 6.

See the Fonts In-Action

Video created with ProShow Producer. Try it free >>

Looking for more free fonts for your slideshows? Check out our round-up of Big + Bold fonts and Holiday fonts.


See What’s New in ProShow 6

ProShow 6 is packed full of some really awesome new features like volume control points, new third-party photo and video importing, text layers, caption motion and more. Watch this video for a quick overview of what’s new and download a free trial of ProShow 6 on our site >>


How To Use Text Layers in ProShow Producer 6

Text Layers in ProShow Producer 6

One of the cool new features introduced in ProShow Producer 6 is the ability to convert your caption to a Text Layer. This new creative feature unlocks a whole new realm of options for captions and titles. Use them to apply slick effects like 3D tilt motion, blur and masking to text, without needing to create a rasterized text image in a photo editor to hack together the same results.

How does it work? By converting a caption into a Text Layer, your caption inherits new ‘special powers’ as a slide layer (basically anything you can do with a photo layer), while still preserving original editable details such as font, point size, color, fly-in / fly-out effects and more. You’ll find Text Layers located in your slide’s Layers List, now in the same group as any photo or video layers you may also have in the slide.

What is a Text Layer?

Watch the video below to learn how to use Text Layers in ProShow Producer 6.

5 Creative Tips for Using Text Layers in your Shows:

  1. Use a Text Layer as a Transparency Mask. Nest an image or video inside your Text Layer mask to contain the image inside the shape of the word(s) in your Text Layer.
  2. Use a Text Layer as an Adjustment Layer. Similar to the masking approach, you can change the look of all underlying images by applying White Point / Black Point / Colorize / Blur and other adjustments that are visible only within the shape of the words used in your Text Layer. This option is a creative time-saver, great for applying a Text Layer-based Adjustment Effect (e.g. brighten / burn-in / turn black & white) to a bunch of layers at once. No need to apply the same change to each and every nested layer.
  3. Need to change wording or font choice? Edit anytime. Text Layers preserve all the original dynamic properties of a caption, so changes to content or formatting are always easy and flexible. I like this new option so much better than my original method of opening up Photoshop, changing up my rasterized text graphic, re-saving it, then re-importing it into ProShow. Text Layers are much more efficient!
  4. Experiment with rearranging the order of Text Layers in the Layers List. Because Text Layers are on the same level of the slide hierarchy as photos + video layers, you can move them below / behind image layers to create clever ‘reveal’ effects (e.g. imagine text on a card, as it slowly emerges from an envelope).
  5. Those of you who make slide styles will love this next detail — ProShow Producer 6 introduced layer linking for Text Layers used in slide styles. This means that just like how duplicate image layers are linked in slide styles, any duplicate Text Layers used to create a style, will be linked with the same word content once the style is applied. (Note: Duplicate layers can exhibit unique effects settings and behaviors but they must have identical caption content for ProShow to link them). To see this linking in action, try applying any of the ‘Text Layer Title…’ styles in Producer. If you edit the wording in one Text Layer, the other linked layers will auto-update! No need to manually change them all.
  6. Want more ideas? The new Producer 6 demo video uses Text Layers throughout the presentation. Watch the video here to get your creative juices flowing on different ways to use this awesome new feature!

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