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Best ProShow FX for Sports and Action Slideshows

If you’re working on a sports slideshow, quick-paced, action-packed effects will make your show entertaining and exciting! Below is a round-up of some of the best ProShow FX to use for sports video slideshows. Continue reading

Add Some Action-Packed Effects to your Sports Slideshows

Sports and Action Effects Pack for ProShow

With school back in full swing and football season right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to add some action-packed effects to your ProShow slideshows. Our Sports & Action Effects Pack covers 15 major competitive athletic and performance categories, and offers an exciting array of sporty transitions, edgy layouts & titles, plus team color customizations!

Watch the Sports & Action Effects Pack Demo Video

Watch the video below for a glimpse at some of the amazing effects in this pack. With just a few clicks, you can transform your photos and videos into amazing animations. The Sports & Action Effects Pack is easy to use and gives your slideshows a professional look!

Create Custom Player ‘Stats Cards’

One of the coolest features of the Sports & Action Effects Pack is the ability to create custom player’s stats slides for each team or team member. Enter in your school’s name, player’s name and stats. The player’s stats effects are totally customizable – you can even set your own custom colors to match your school or team’s look. Click here to see how it’s done!

Sports and Action Effects Pack for ProShow

Get the Sports & Action Effects Pack today for just $19.95. Works with ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer and ProShow Web. Also be sure and check out Transition Pack 2 and Effects Pack 6 for even more action-packed effects for your ProShow slideshows.


Jeff Cable’s 2014 Olympics Showcase

Jeff Cable is a professional photographer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s known for capturing the highest quality images, whether it is a local event, a National advertising campaign or the Olympic Games.

He recently returned from photographing the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia. Millions followed along as he shared his adventures along the way on his popular photography blog. This video is a re-cap of his favorite images from Sochi and was produced in ProShow Web.

“I really love the way the music and effects add to my photos! Video re-caps like this are such a cool way of showcasing a series of images in a new and exciting way.” says Jeff.

Visit Jeff’s blog and give him a follow on Facebook.


Tips for Capturing Great Youth Sports Photos

Spring sports are just around the corner! To help you capture the perfect action shots, we’ve teamed up with AP sports photographer, Jose Yau, sports and portrait photographer, Shannon Rowell and portait and event photographer, Dawn Fanara to share some inspiring tips for pro and amateur sports photographers. Also, be sure and check out our Sports & Action Effects Pack for ProShow. It turns your photos into dazzling sports videos, complete with customizable animated player stats cards, sporty transitions and tons of high-impact sports-themed effects. Watch the sample video featuring Jose, Shannon and Dawn’s images below!

Tips for capturing great sports photos:

1. Anticipate the Action

Learn a little about the sport you’re shooting. Follow the ball. Follow the action. Be ready. Look at a scenario from lots of angles and be willing to move around so don’t have the same picture as everyone else. – SR

2. Get to Know the People You’re Shooting

I don’t mean go introduce yourself. I mean watch and learn. Who responds dramatically? Who shows focused determination with body language. Sometimes you can get to know the participants when working closely with a group and they get comfortable with you. – SR

3. Get on Their Level

If you’re shooting kids sports, get down on their level for nice, tight action shots. You can see the emotion in the children’s faces as they hit, run and field a ball. – DF

4. Action and Reaction

Two things that make a great sports image are action and reaction. The pitcher throwing the ball or the batter taking a swing – both of these are examples of action images. The emotion on a player’s face after a triumphant home run or teammates celebrating immediately after a winning point – these are examples of reaction shots. Try and capture action and reaction in your shots to help tell a story with your photos. – JY

5. Position Yourself For the Shot

Move and position yourself to capture the best shots ahead of time. If you know the ins and outs of the game, you’ll be able to move yourself to a location where you can get the best shot before the action happens. – JY

6. Eyes and Expressions

Pay attention to where a player’s eyes are focused and use that to help tell a story with each image you capture. And don’t forget about the fans and their colorful expressions. Some of my favorite shots are of the dramatic reactions on fans faces as they root their team onto victory. -JY

Sports & Action Effects Pack for ProShow

Once you’ve captured all those awesome sports shots, show them off in a video slideshow. Our Sports & Action Effects Pack for ProShow comes with tons of pre-made animations and effects designed to highlight your sports photography. Watch the sample video above and get it today for $19.95. Works with ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer and ProShow Web.


New Sports and Action Effects Pack for ProShow 5

It’s here! Our new Sports & Action Effects Pack for ProShow 5 is available now and contains everything you need to create an awesome sports slideshow. The first of its kind, this Effects Pack offers you both Slide Styles and Transitions in one convenient pack.

Included you’ll find a dynamic array of sporty transitions, edgy photo layouts and titles, and digital ‘player stats’ cards, ideal for photographers and proud parents covering an end of season wrap-up, a game victory, or team portrait showcase.

Want to match an effect to your team’s colors? No problem! You can customize the color of select slide styles to coordinate with your team’s colors easily (watch this video to learn how). Also included are digital ‘player stats’, reminiscent of old school trading cards, that can be customized to profile an individual athlete or team. The stats include editable fields for player and team names, position, coach, hometown and more.

The Sports & Action Effects Pack covers 15 major competitive athletic and performance categories including baseball, basketball, cheer, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, stage (band / choir / color guard / dance / drill / orchestra / theatre), swim, tennis, track & field and volleyball.

Watch the demo video and get this pack today for only $19.95 >>

Show of the Week: Novato High Homecoming

This week’s featured slideshow comes from ProShow Producer user Larry Pickard. He’s shared an awesome slideshow he put together for the Novato High homecoming football game earlier this year. A great way to show off action shots in a high energy slideshow!

Created in ProShow Producer.

Sports and Action Photography Tips Pt. 2

Following up from last time…now that you have all of those great Sports/Action photos, let’s look at some best practices for making awesome Sports and Action slideshows.

Beijing Olympics 2008, Fencing Match. Photo by Serge Timacheff, official FIE photographer.

Continue reading