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Creating and Selling Your Own Slide Styles

Slide Styles are more than just fast and easy effects for making better slideshows, they are also a hot commodity! While Photodex creates packs for customers to purchase, many other third-party companies and users just like you have started selling effects they’ve created to other ProShow users.

If you’re a whiz at developing your own creative and unique slide styles, you might consider selling your styles to other ProShow users. Here are some tips to get you started.

Creating Effects That Sell
Just like any business, your success will depend on the quality of the product, so consider the following when creating your effects:

  • Avoid trying to sell effects that are too basic. No one will want to buy something they can create themselves.
  • You may be a ProShow Producer user, but be sure to create some effects that can be used in both ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold in order to maximize your customer reach.
  • Offer a variety of different styles. There is just as much demand for well designed layout styles are there is for powerful, effects-driven styles.
  • Create styles for captions. Don’t limit yourself to just one thing, text effects are in demand as well.
  • Look to TV and movies for inspiration. “Edgy,” popular and youth oriented shows/movies are often excellent resources for new and trendy visual design concepts.

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