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Blend it like Beckham – Using Masks in ProShow Producer

Today’s tutorial comes from Jennifer Clark. Jennifer is the owner and creator of, a resource for ProShow effects, video backgrounds, training and more.  Today she shares some tips on using masks in Producer.

“Once you’ve got the basics of grey-scale masking down (White reveals, Black conceals, variants of grey fall somewhere in between) you’re ready to play with some masks. So, you add two images to a slide and add a gradient mask on top of one of them. But it doesn’t look right….you can still see the edge of your photo, even though it is clearly under the mask:

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Create a Wedding Time Lapse Slideshow

Wedding and portrait photographer Mark Ridout created this awesome time lapse video (time lapse at 1:25) using a $30 dollar timer off eBay, a bunch of still images from the wedding ceremony and ProShow Producer. Here’s how he did it.

“I used a Canon 30D camera to shoot the time lapse segment. I placed the camera on a tripod in the balcony of the church, then pre-focused to the front of the church and turned off the auto focus. (This is done so that you don’t get slight image movement if the lens decides to focus on a moving person.)

Shoot in jpeg mode and use a setting that is slightly larger than 1920 pixels on the longest dimension. For most cameras, that would be the medium quality setting. For the Canon 30D the medium setting is 2544×1696. This file size allows me to create a Blu-ray disc if I decide that as my final output. The size also allows zooming and panning in ProShow without quality loss.

I used a YONGNUO timer that I purchased from eBay. The timer was a quarter of the price of the Canon version and the quality and build were excellent.

Set the timer to take a photograph every three seconds. On a side note, I actually had to have my assistant go up and turn off the camera after the bride made her way to the altar. I noticed a number of the guests looking back to see who the idiot was taking pictures during the quiet moments! The 30D shutter noise echoes off the ceiling of the church so I would advise only shooting the entering and leaving when there is a lot more ambient noise.

Once I returned to my office I loaded the images into Lightroom where I made color and contrast adjustments to one image and applied those adjustments to all of the images using the sync images function in Lightroom. I then exported my images to Producer using the ProShow plug-in for Lightroom. (Make sure to use the fill screen setting) Each slide was allocated a ‘0’ slide time and the transition was changed to cross fade and allocated a .05 setting. This can be adjusted to your taste. The shorter the time the faster it will appear.

Once that step was completed I output the slideshow as a HD video within Producer.

The video that was created in Producer was then placed back into a new slideshow along with the stills. This is where I panned the video left to right so that it appears I had the camera on a timed slider.

By experimenting and using these settings as a starting point just think of the cool things you can do with a spare camera, a cheap timer and ProShow Producer. Get busy!”

-Mark Ridout
Learn more about Mark, see more of his photography and slideshows over on his blog

New StylePack Vintage Available Now

We’re so excited to announce StylePack Vintage. The new pack includes 25 vintage-inspired layouts and photographic effects that bring back the look and feel of the past and are designed to complement an array of slideshows from family history and heritage shows to memorial and tribute shows.

Get your copy today for just $19.95. Works with ProShow Gold, Producer and ProShow Web.


Featured Photographer Greg Hawkins

Greg and Jan Hawkins operate Studio G Photography located in central Alabama near Birmingham. Greg says they did their first wedding together in June, 1980 – even before he married the love of his life, Jan.

They started making slideshows with ProShow Gold in 2005 and then upgraded to ProShow Producer shortly thereafter.

The slideshows that they make with ProShow are among their favorite products offered by Studio G. Greg and Jan say that the excitement of electronic media, the convenience of uploading and sharing shows on the Photodex website and the ability to showcase not only the beautiful images from the wedding, but to also tell the story of the wedding day are things that make ProShow Producer an extremely important part of their business.

Greg is a multiple winner of the Fuji Masterpiece Award and has been awarded two Kodak Gallery Awards for his wedding imagery. He has won many accolades of excellence from WPPI and multiple top three finishes in their annual print/album competitions.
To view more of Studio G’s photos visit the website and keep up to date with the latest work on the blog.

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