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How to Use the Re-Designed Color Tool + Color Palettes

Follow along in our step-by-step tutorial video on how to use the re-designed color tool and the all new color palettes. The re-designed color tool provides you with quick access to complimentary and similar colors, making it easier to quickly find the perfect color for captions, backgrounds, outlines, and more. Continue reading

10 Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

Are you looking to improve your photography skills? As a beginner you can start by doing a number of things to enhance your skills and even as a pro it’s always good to brush up on the basics. We rounded up just a few tips to get you started. From simply taking your camera everywhere with you to eventually knowing the rules well enough to break them.Continue reading

All New Layer Filters in ProShow 9

The all new layer filters feature lets you apply from a selection of over 45 built-in instant effects to any photo or video with ProShow 9. You can apply layer filters on their own or you can customize your photos + videos even further by combining them with any of ProShow’s slide styles and transitions.Continue reading

Time to Break the Rules with Shutter Speeds

Break the rules to get the shot.
Give yourself permission to stretch your boundaries and find your own style.
– Suzette Says

Intro by Skip Cohen

Thanks to technology more of you are shooting video than ever before. And, the applications for video whether full-length features or just short clips are pulling together an incredible resource of creative ideas.

Photodex and SCU want to help you expand your skill set, and we’re getting lots of help from Suzette Allen. In this week’s Suzette Says, she’s sharing a series of outstanding examples of shooting video at various shutter speeds. She’s also giving you some solid examples of how 4K can play a role in capturing some excellent images.Continue reading

Improvements to Video Importing in ProShow 9

All New in ProShow 9 Video Output for Slideshows

ProShow 9 ships with a host of new features, but today we want to spotlight one of the bigger under-the-hood improvements. The video importing engine received a fairly major overhaul in order to improve your experience when working with video content. Not only should your video files import much faster in version 9, but they should also look better too.Continue reading

All New ProShow 9 is Here!

Today we release the all new ProShow 9 jam-packed with a suite of streamlined creative tools for an easier slideshow making process. Discover new filter tools for photos + videos such as follow filters, layer filters, motion filters, a re-designed color tool, and 4K publishing all at your fingertips. Plus, ProShow 9 includes even more intuitive features + enhancements to build complex and professional looking slideshows with just the click of a button. Continue reading