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Spotlighted Show: African Wildlife

npn (1-1)

This weeks spotlighted show comes to us from the Nature Photographers Network. It showcases the work of three talented photographers, Mario Moreno, Ingrid Vekemans, and Morkel Erasmus. We hope you enjoy this fascinating show that captures wildlife in its natural beauty. Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Lucy Huffstetter Photography

Lucy Huffstetter Photography

Lucy Huffstetter has a way of looking at our world that few others see. Her photography showcases beautiful nature-scapes and scenes that make you feel like you’ve been transported to that very location. Watch a slideshow of her work made in ProShow Producer 7. Continue reading

Taking Your Passion for Nature Photography to the Next Level

photo by Roman M. Kurywczak

Today’s guest post comes from Roman M. Kurywczak, owner of Roman’ with Roman Photo Tours.

As a successful owner of a small nature photography tour company, Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours, I am often approached by other photographers asking me how they could turn their passion of nature photography into a successful business for themselves. If I had to choose one word, it would be passion. Continue reading

Creating Dynamic Video Slideshows on the Road with ProShow

Today’s guest post comes from photographer Rob Knight.

I led my sixth photo workshop in Costa Rica this past September. I decided to expand the trip from my usual seven day-six night schedule to a full nine days and eight nights. The extra two days allowed the group to relax and enjoy more shooting and instruction.

I held a contest at the end of the workshop to see who could come up with the most dynamic ProShow slideshow. I was not surprised that the best show was created by Kathy Veitch. Kathy has been a student of mine for several years and this was her fourth trip to Costa Rica with me! She won a one-year pro subscription to ProShow Web courtesy of my amigos at Photodex.

I thought I would share some of my tips for using ProShow Web for creating slideshows on the road:

  1. Create multiple short slideshows for a long trip. If you take a long trip that’s focused on
    photography you will probably want to come home with lots of great images and videos. Resist the urge to put ALL of your favorites into one long slideshow. Instead create several “episodes” that feature content from different events, locations, etc. during the trip. If you use YouTube you can create a playlist to keep all of the episodes together so that your viewers can find all of the related slideshows in one place.

  2. Plan your slideshows in advance. Usually I create ProShow Web slideshows by organizing content I have already captured, but sometimes it’s fun to go out with a specific show in mind. You don’t need to have a script or anything, just an idea of a story that you want to tell using a series of images and/or videos. Think of it as an animated photo essay.
  3. Use text overlays to inform your viewers. ProShow Web makes it easy to create attractive title pages to let folks know what your slideshows are about. You can go as simple or elaborate as you like, but titles can add context to your slideshow and let your viewers know what to expect.
  4. Include video clips in addition to your still photographs. Pretty much every camera shoots video these days. I find that including a few video clips in a slideshow adds a lot to the dynamic feel of the finished show. I generally use clips around ten seconds long. If the clips are much longer they slow the pace of the show. Clips that are shorter than ten seconds are barely on the screen long enough to make much of an impact.
  5. Upload your content over night. If you travel a lot you know it can be a challenge to find decent internet service, and Costa Rica is certainly no exception. It can be very frustrating to upload several images and videos to ProShow Web via a slow connection. In order to avoid the frustration I usually set up my upload before I go to bed in the evening. That way I don’t worry about how long it takes and by morning my content is uploaded and ready to go. Once the content is in ProShow Web a slow connection is not as much of a problem because you are not moving large chunks of data back and forth.

ProShow Web is a great way to share your travel photography in a dynamic and entertaining way. With a few tips and a little practice you can create great slideshows on the road in no time!


Show of the Week: The Great American Coastline

This week’s featured show comes from photographer Gareth Rockcliffe. Gareth and his wife Jan are currently on assignment photographing the American Coastline. They packed up their vintage air stream trailer and set out on a 4 month journey. Their Goal: To capture the soulful beauty, diversity and majesty of America’s amazing Coast.

The video above was made using ProShow Producer software and shows the beginning stages of their quest. We love the mix of video clips and stop-motion sequences that give the show a fun and playful feel.

You can follow Gareth on Facebook to see new snapshots from each stop on their journey.


Behind the Scenes: Photographer Paul Armstrong’s Iceland Video

Photo by Paul Armstrong

Photographer Paul Armstrong won Grand Prize in our Ultimate Story contest last month. His winning video ‘ISLANDIA – A Photographer’s Heaven‘ features stunning images of frozen landscapes and a gorgeous portrayal of the Northern Lights. Capturing the scenery didn’t come easy. Paul and his team battled some harsh conditions and of course, were at the mercy of mother nature. Read below to learn about his journey photographing Iceland.

“The purpose of the trip was to photograph the Northern Lights ( Auroras ) as well as the ice on the beach at Jökulsárlón Glacier lagoon. We selected January as the nights were long giving us the best possibility to photograph the auroras and the days were cool so the ice would stay a long time at the lagoon. Temperature range along the southern coast was surprising +3C to -3C or 27F – 37F letting us spend lots of time outdoors and not have to be bundled up in parkas.

We heard Iceland would be windy, but we had no idea of the strength of the wind. But with wind you get wave action and this made for some great shooting while waiting for the auroras. Mother nature plays a big role in photographing auroras and she granted us 3 nights where we had cloudless to partly cloudy skies. Mother nature did not allow us any sunrises or sunsets while we were at the lagoon, preventing us from photographing icebergs in the magic light.

photo by Paul Armstrong

Iceland is a fantastic place to photograph landscapes. The land changes every 10 minutes, around every bend in the road giving you options to photograph lava of all shapes and sizes, waterfalls, mosses, ice caves, icebergs, wildlife, Icelandic horses as well as hills and valleys.

I will be going back for a third time.”

– Paul Armstrong

Watch Paul’s Winning Video

Video created with ProShow Producer. Try it free >

Enter your own video into our Ultimate Story contest, a new theme was just announced!


Video Showcases the Majesty of the Rocky Mountains

The Rockies‘ is a beautiful video created by photographer and videographer Paul Sparrow, that showcases the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. Paul used ProShow Producer to make the video and added some special effects along the way.

You’ll notice scenes where clouds move behind the peaks of mountains and appear to come alive on the screen. Paul expertly crafted this special effect using ProShow Producer’s masking feature. The clouds were cut out of the original image and used as a new layer on a slide. Using a combination of masking, keyframing and chroma key adjustments, Paul was able to create the final effect.

“The phrase “Multi-Media” has come to mean different things to different people. As a photographer I use the multi-image medium to communicate my work. This includes image movements, animation and the dynamic co-ordination of the images to a soundtrack that takes the images beyond just individual photographs.

My intention has always been to use these media in unique and imaginative ways, creating avenues of communication that have a strong visual impact. My goal is to arouse in the audience an emotional response to the images beyond just what we see, to make the audience really “experience” them, and go beneath their surface.” – Paul Sparrow

See more of Paul’s work on his website here.