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ProShow Producer Keyframing Basics

Learn the basics of keyframing in ProShow Producer

If you’re brand new to keyframing, this is place to be. This step-by-step guide will introduce you to the tools you’ll be using, and take you though the process of building a simple motion effect using keyframes in ProShow Producer. Continue reading

Moving Multiple Keyframes at Once in ProShow Producer

Use the keyframe editor to select multiple keyframes at once.

Today’s guest post comes from Dale Fenimore.

Time and again, people ask how to move multiple keyframes in ProShow Producer without changing the spacing between them. It can be a handy tool to have your arsenal if you’re working on a complex effect and need to change the position of multiple keyframe points at once. Continue reading

Creating a Spotlight Effect with Text in ProShow Producer

Learn how to make a spotlight effect in ProShow

In a recent training video, we showed a really neat effect of a spotlight highlighting an individual in a group photo and then a caption appearing under the photo. We had a ton of requests on how to re-create this effect in ProShow Producer, so the steps are below!Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Keyframing in ProShow Producer

Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about Keyframing in ProShow Producer.

Keyframing is an advanced feature in ProShow Producer that allows you to make your own, custom motion effects. Many of the impressive built-in slide styles and transitions in ProShow Producer were made by designers and artists using a creative blend of Keframing and other advanced effects.

What is Keyframing? Keyframing works by giving you the ability to have multiple starting and ending positions on one slide. Rather than telling a layer or a caption to go from point A to point B, you can tell it to go from point A, to B, to C, and beyond.

If you’re looking for some help getting started or are ready for some advanced techniques, look no further! We’ve rounded up the top training videos, articles and inspiring videos featuring keyframing in-action below!

Keyframing Training Videos + Articles

  1. ProShow Producer Keyframing Basics – Move and Freeze a Layer: Great place for beginners! In this video you’ll learn how to move and hold a layer using keyframes. Build upon this basic technique to make your own custom keyframe effects.
  2. ProShow Producer Keyframing Basics – Using Layer Transitions: This video will teach you how to create a keyframing effect using three layers and layer transitions.
  3. Create a 3D Tilt Keyframe Effect in Producer: Combine the power of ProShow Producer’s 3D tilt effects and keyframing to make stunning effects in your shows. This video walks you through the process, step-by-step.
  4. Using the Keyframe Editor in ProShow Producer: This intermediate training video teaches you how to use the Keyframe Editor in ProShow Producer, a handy tool when working with multiple keyframes in one slide.
  5. ProShow Producer Manual: The ProShow Producer manual covers keyframing in great detail and it’s free to access as a PDF download. Starting on page 427 you’ll find the chapter on Keyframing.

Keyframing Examples In-Action

  1. Title Picture Grid Effect: A perfect example of Keyframing at it’s finest! This video showcases the Title Picture Grid effect that’s available in ProShow StylePack 2. Notice how each layer appears at different points and times in one slide.
  2. Portrait Exposition Effect: This video showcases the Portrait Exposition effect found in ProShow StylePack 3. A clever use of keyframing and layer transitions makes this effect possible. Watch it in action for some inspiration!
  3. ProShow Producer 6 Demo Video: Scattered throughout this inspiring video are great examples of keyframing in-action.


Using Freeze Motion Between Keyframes in ProShow Producer 6

Using freeze motion between keyframes in ProShow Producer 6.

If you create your own animated effects in ProShow Producer, then the new Freeze Motion feature available in Version 6 will become your new best friend!Continue reading

Learn Advanced Masking in ProShow Producer

Learn how to combine masking and keyframing to create some unique effects in ProShow Producer. In this video, we walk through creating a spotlight effect and break down how some of our popular slide styles are made using masking. Download a free trial of ProShow Producer and follow along >>


ProShow Keyframing Basics: Using Layer Transitions

For those of you following along with our keyframing tutorials, this is the second in our series of Keyframing Basics videos for beginners. Last month we showed you how to move and hold a layer on a slide using keyframes. This week we’ll take it a bit further and teach you how to create a keyframing effect using three layers and layer transitions. So follow along and we’ll learn a few new things together!

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