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5 Spectacular Slow Motion Videos

There’s something quite special about a slow motion video. As time slows down we get a glimpse into moments that may have been otherwise missed. With today’s video-enabled cameras and a little editing software, creating a slow motion video is well within reach of any photographer. Below is a round up of 5 really spectacular slow motion video productions.

The McKnights by Robert Kirkpatrick

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Adjusting Video Clip Sounds in Your Slideshows

Adding videos to your slideshows in ProShow is just as easy as adding images. But what happens when your video clips have sound? In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you how you can adjust a video clip’s volume and how to use ProShow’s audio tools to more seamlessly blend audio -enabled video clips with your show soundtrack.

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Show of the Week: Brianna

This week’s spotlighted show comes from photographer Suzette Allen. She’s put together a really stunning slideshow that is made up of a mix of photos and videos captured with the new Panasonic GX-1 and GF-2 cameras. We love the behind the scenes clips she added in and the fun energy of the slideshow.

Video created with ProShow Producer 5. Song courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.

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Adding and Editing Video Clips in ProShow 5

Adding a video clip to a slideshow is easy with ProShow. There are even built-in editing tools that allow you to trim any unwanted frames from a video clip, colorize your video and even apply a slide style to your video. Follow along in the video below to see how this is done. Also, for a full list of supported video file types see this page in our Knowledge Base.


Deconstructing the Demo: Creating a Video Colorization Effect

If you haven’t seen our ProShow Producer 5 demo show yet, check it out! The entire show was created in ProShow Producer 5 and is a great representation of what the software is capable of.

We’re going to be breaking down certain scenes in the show to explain how they were made so you can do it yourself!

This week we’ll focus on the video colorization effect you see at about 1:34 into the video. A video appears on the screen and slowly turns from color to sepia while it’s playing.

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Getting Better Audio from your DSLR

If you love that your DSLR shoots HD video, but find yourself disappointed by the audio quality, then check out the RØDE VideoMic. This microphone goes for about $150 and will do wonders for the sound quality of your video clips. Simply mount the microphone directly to your camera’s hot shoe mount and you’re all set.

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How To Adjust the Audio Level for Video Clips

Many slideshow creators who mix short clips of video in with their photos simply want their video to have no sound and instead have their audio soundtrack play over their entire slideshow. ProShow gives you the ability to adjust the volume for a video independently and it’s really easy to do.

To remove the audio from a video clip in your show, go into the Video Settings tab in Slide Options and lower the volume from 100% (default) to 0%.

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