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Show of the Week: ‘Growing’ by Valerie Caldwell

This week’s show comes from Valerie Caldwell. Valerie owns and operates a studio in Round Rock, just north of Austin, TX. Being a mother of two young children solidifies her forte as children’s photographer and the delicate nature involved in capturing what a mother wants.

As a Mac user, Valerie uses ProShow Web to create her clients personalized video slideshows.

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Creating the Perfect Father’s Day Slideshow

This slideshow was created in ProShow try it free!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, do you have the perfect gift yet? Take Dad on a trip down memory lane by creating him a personalized photo and video slideshow. It’s easy to do and will be a huge hit with the entire family.

Here’s what you need to get started!

  1. Gather old photos and video clips to include in your father’s day slideshow. Dig up old photos from the past, vacation photos or anything you find that would make a great addition to your slideshow.
  2. Import your photos into slideshow software to create your show. You’ll want to choose a slideshow tool that’s easy to use and gives you the flexibility to output to multiple formats. ProShow is an excellent tool for creating slideshows for any occasion and you can download a free trial if you don’t already own the software.
  3. Create your slideshow. With ProShow, you can quickly get started by using the built-in wizard. Just click through the steps to add your photos and any video clips you have, import a soundtrack, add effects and you’re done! Go back and add fun title slides or captions to any photo, great for including a year to time-stamp a photo or including the names of the people in the photos.
  4. Decide how you’d like to output your slideshow. DVD for playing back in the living room, MPEG for playing back on a laptop or to project during a dinner or event, you may even want to output to YouTube or Facebook so friends and family from far away can enjoy the slideshow you’ve put together for Father’s Day.
  5. Never under estimate the power of a Father’s Day slideshow. You’ve created a special keepsake and touching tribute that everyone will love watching. Photos from the past are always fun to look back at. With the addition of a touching song and ken burns style pans and zooms, you’ve got a recipe for success! (just don’t forget to bring the box of tissues – there won’t be a dry eye in the room!)

Download a free trial of ProShow and create your Father’s Day slideshow today.

Show of the Week: The Wade Family

This week’s show is by Cyndy McAtee. As a genealogist and avid photo collector, Cyndy set out to create a truly unique family history slideshow. She used ProShow Producer and the new StylePack Vintage to create her video. Take a look at her amazing show and let us know what you think!

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Family Portrait Slideshow by Kay Eskridge

Not only is Kay Eskridge an amazing photographer, entrepreneur and all-around awesome gal…she’s also one heck of a slideshow maker! Watch one of her latest family portrait slideshows created in ProShow Producer to promote her studio.

Featured Photographer Kelli Etheridge

Kelli Etheridge is the owner of Etheridge Photographic, a photography studio located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, specializing in pregnancy, baby and family portraits. Kelli photographers some of life’s most precious memories and creates beautiful slideshows for her clients.

ProShow is my photographic storytelling tool – images come to life when creatively combined with music, captions and artistic effects. I am continually inspired by the possibilities that ProShow provides. If I can make your heart skip a beat, bring tears to your eyes, make you smile or laugh, then I have been successful”, says Kelli.

Watch her adorable slideshow, The Story of Isabelle.

See more of Kelli’s photos on her website. And don’t miss an opportunity to attend one of Kelli’s popular workshops on everything from ProShow to Studio Lighting..

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