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Our Favorite Songs and FX for Your Father’s Day Slideshows

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June is here! This means it’s time to celebrate Father’s Day. Take your Dad, Grandpa, or Husband on a trip down memory lane by making him a unique and special slideshow.

We’ve put together a playlist of our favorite songs from the ProShow Music Library to use in your Father’s Day slideshow. Plus, adding our ‘Father’s Day’ instant FX will give your slideshow a spot on look. Pairing these with your photos or videos will definitely bring a smile to his face. Continue reading

Our Favorite ProShow Mother’s Day Instant FX


Need a little inspiration for your Mother’s Day slideshow? We’ve rounded up all our favorite Mother’s Day FX to help you create the perfect ProShow slideshow. Watch a few effects sample videos below to get inspired.Continue reading

National Puppy Day

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Today is National Puppy Day! We know you all document your pets with so many pictures. What better way to share that unconditional love they bring to your life than with a ProShow slideshow. It’s also a day to help save the orphaned or abandoned puppies across the globe in need of a home! Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Amy Bartley Photography

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It’s Friday and that means we have another Spotlighted Show to share with everyone. This week’s slideshow was created by Amy Bartley in ProShow Web. She had a fun beach session with the McClellan family and that comes through in her video. Continue reading

Family Photos Come to Life with ProShow Effects Pack Portraits

Watch photographer, Beth Scupham’s family portrait images come to life in this wonderful slideshow using the popular “Wall Frame” styles from Effects Pack Portraits. Clean, stylish and modern – these instant slideshow effects have a classic look with a professional polish. You can keep the movement minimal with simple dissolves, or for more energy, mix in some push transitions, as shown in the video.

With 25 unique sets of effects, Effects Pack Portraits works with a wide array of subject matter. From weddings and holidays to everyday celebrations, there’s something for everyone.

Get Effects Pack Portraits today for $19.95.

Have you made a cool show with this new pack? We’d love to see it! Share a link in the comments below!

Family photo credits: Copyright © Beth Scupham


How to Make a Father’s Day Slideshow in 3 Easy Steps

Planning to make a Father’s Day slideshow video for your Dad, Grandpa or husband? All you need is a handful of photos, a couple of his favorite tunes + a quality slideshow tool like ProShow (download it free here). In just a few minutes, you can knock out this easy DIY project and share your slideshow on DVD, HD video, or online. Grab a tissue box — there won’t be many dry eyes when it’s showtime! Learn how to prep for, create and share your Father’s Day slideshow in this easy how-to article:

1. Organize Your Photos

Before opening any slideshow tool, first pick out the photos and any video clips you want to use. If your subject – Dad, Grandpa, or husband is a little older and has been a father for many years, you might select photos using a biographical approach. If your subject is a younger father, it might feel more appropriate to focus on a modern-day highlight approach.

Selecting photos for a biographical slideshow
If you’re lucky enough to have both old and new photos of your subject, you can build your show around his personal timeline, starting with scenes from childhood and moving into the present day.

  • Try to round up 2-3 images to represent each major turning point in his life (childhood, school days, early adulthood, 30s, 40s, etc.).
  • For best results, avoid spending a lot of time on one particular period just because you happen to have a bunch of photos from then. Keep the flow going.

How to make a Father's Day slideshow

Selecting photos for a modern day highlight slideshow
If your photos are mainly from recent history, this is the type of show for you. Keep it modern and focus on showcasing photo highlights from the last 12 months, or make it a ‘best of fatherhood’ show featuring your favorite photographs of your subject being ‘Dad’ or ‘Grandpa’.

General tips on selecting and organizing your photos:

Prep your photos for a Father's Day slideshow

Keep it real. Mix in some candid photos that represent a day in the life of your subject to balance the posed shots. Action shots and silly pics can be especially endearing.

Small group shots are easier to look at than large groups. The more people in the photo, the harder it is to focus on the details, and the more zoomed out everybody’s faces will be. Images with 3-5 people are preferred over ones with 6+ people. Exceptions can be made, of course!

Clean up any obvious photo flaws. Red-eye, low exposure (too dark) and poor cropping are all common flaws that can be fixed in a basic photo editor or camera app. ProShow slideshow software includes built-in editing tools for quick, on-the-fly photo fixes.

Work from one folder. Organize your selected photos, video clips and music into one central folder for your slideshow project. It’ll make the next step go even faster!

2. Make your slideshow

Now that you’ve got your content ready, the next step is to make the slideshow. This is the easy part. If you haven’t already done so, get ProShow — available in both desktop software for Windows or a handy and easy-to-use online app for iPad and iPhone. Either version allows you to easily & automatically build slideshows, fine-tune and publish.

Add your content (photos + videos clips + music)
In ProShow, start by creating a New Show. If you’re using the desktop version, select the ‘Wizard’ option to start building your show automatically. Get started by adding your photos. If you have video clips and text for a title, you can add those too. Next, you’ll add music.

ProShow slideshow software

Next, pick a theme to set the style of your show.

ProShow's Wizard makes slideshows easy.

When you’re ready, click the Create / Build button. In a moment, you’ll be able to watch a preview.

instantly preview your slideshow.

Once you’ve got your slideshow built, you can make changes as needed. Customize effects and timing, plus add or remove content anytime!

3. Publish + share your slideshow

Want to watch your Father’s Day slideshow on the big screen TV, on a computer, tablet, phone or online? It’s up to you. ProShow lets you easily output to all the modern formats including DVD, HD video, Blu-ray, YouTube and Facebook.

Choose your output method.

Freebies for Father’s Day

Want your Father’s Day slideshow to have a modern yet themed look, tailored for the occasion? Check out these downloadable Father’s Day freebies + watch the sample video for inspiration!

For a biography / personal history slideshow, you might like the Timeline freebies for ProShow. Watch the effects in action and download them for free.

Free animated effects for Father's Day slideshows

Ready to get started?

With ProShow, it takes just minutes to create a memorable Father’s Day video slideshow. Create online or in the iPhone / iPad app with ProShow Web, or download a free trial of ProShow for your desktop today!

Make a photo slideshow for Father's Day


How to Prep Your Photos for Great Slideshows

how to prep photos for use in slideshows

Today’s guest post comes Jenny Larson, owner of Forever Digital Memories.

If you are reading this blog, you know how great slideshows can be. When the right photos are set to the right music, something magical happens. People cry, people laugh, and the show becomes a treasured family keepsake. Continue reading