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All New Layer Filters in ProShow 9

The all new layer filters feature lets you apply from a selection of over 45 built-in instant effects to any photo or video with ProShow 9. You can apply layer filters on their own or you can customize your photos + videos even further by combining them with any of ProShow’s slide styles and transitions.Continue reading

7 Reunion Slideshow FX Round-Up

Page Curl – Glossy Opaque – Bottom Right (Built-in Transition)

Summer is a popular time for reunions. Whether it be family, friends, an organization, or another kind of special gathering. One thing is for sure is there are lots of photos. It’s always nice to share some photos from the past to look back on or more current photos during the reunion. You can also take some photos during the current reunion to prepare for the next one. Continue reading

This ProShow Freebie Is Pawsitively Purrfect!

It’s become increasingly more common for people to totally geek out over pet pictures… and why not? Am I right?! Our fur people not only eat our shoes, and pee in closets but they often share our beds and bring smiles to our faces. So let’s celebrate our pets with this brand new set of “Pawsitively Purrfect” styles for ProShow 8 and theme for ProShow Web. This set is a great way to showcase that furry family member in a fun and vibrant light. Watch the demo video below! Continue reading

Let’s Celebrate Mom! Here’s a Helpful Round-Up of Our Favorite FX…

Celebrate Mom with ProShow 8 FX Round-Up

It’s time to celebrate mom! She does so much for us now let’s do something special for her in return. A Mother’s Day slideshow is a great way to do just that! Need a little inspiration for your slideshow?  We’ve rounded up all our favorite Mother’s Day FX to help you create the perfect ProShow slideshow. Watch a few effects sample videos below to get inspired.Continue reading

Free ‘Fairy Tale’ Theme & FX

Wedding season is upon us! We’ve created a rich and beautiful set of styles and effects full of gilded frames and butterfly transitions to give your slideshows that whimsical look. These “Fairy Tale” effects will add a fanciful touch to any slideshow. Perfect for weddings, portraits, and engagements.

Share your love story with this ‘Fairy Tale’ theme and set of FX for ProShow 8.Continue reading

Valentine’s Day FX Round Up

Sweet Heart Effects

Make a photo and video slideshow to share the love this Valentine’s Day with your friends and family. Use the download effects + content feature in the tools menu to automatically download and install these freebies. Make it extra special and create a beautiful, customized slideshow in minutes with ProShow.Continue reading

ProShow Producer Tip: Create Image Reflections


In ProShow Producer, the ability to create gradient layers is instrumental in the construction of many slide styles built into the program, as well as those available in our Effects PacksIn a recent article, I showed you how to use gradients as adjustment layers to simulate realistic lighting. Today I’m going to show you how to utilize gradient masks to create an image reflection below your images. While it’s not necessary a complete effect on its own, hopefully you can use this skill to construct more complex effects and make your images pop.

Setting Up Your Reflection

  1. Add an image to your show to create a new slide.
  2. Open Slide Options and click on the image in the layers list. In the Layer Settings tab, change the zoom to 75%, then change the position to [0, -8].
    Zoom and Position
  3. Right click on the image in the layers list and choose Duplicate Layer
  4. Select Layer 2 in the layers list.
  5. In the Adjustments tab, change the Opacity to 35% for layer 2. Also check the Horizontal flip option under the Editing Tools section.
    Opacity and Flip
  6. Go to the Effects tab, then change the Rotate Center to [0, 50]. Change the Rotate value to 180.
    Rotate Center and Rotate
  7. Click the Copy button at the bottom of the Effects tab and choose “Copy to Next Keyframe (All Layers)”.
    Copy to Next Keyframe

Now your image should be mirrored below the original one. The next step is to create a gradual fade of the mirrored image.

Fading Out the Reflection with a Gradient Mask

  1. Right click on layer 2 in the layers list and choose Add Masking Layer > Add Gradient.
    Add Masking Gradient
  2. In the Gradient window, set your gradient up as follows. The key steps are changing the Resolution to 1280×150 and the Angle to 270 degrees.
    Gradient Window
  3. Go to the Layer Settings tab. While Layer 2 (the gradient mask) is selected, change the position to [0, 40].
    Gradient Position

There you have it. When you play back your slide, you should now have a subtle reflection below the image. If you want to make it even more subtle, change the opacity of the reflected layer (now layer 3) to something lower than 35% in the Adjustments tab. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.