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Get More Creative with Follow Filters

With the all-new Follow Filters feature, you can have multiple photos, videos, and captions all move together with just a few clicks. Now you won’t have to worry about setting up complex motion effects for each layer, or keeping them in sync while making changes.

Get step-by-step directions in the tutorial video and you’ll be on your way to easy customizable animation for your slideshows. Continue reading

Learn How to Use Motion Filters in ProShow 9

Animation just got easier in ProShow! Motion Filters let you apply ready-to-use animations to individual photos + videos. There are over 150 built-in motion filters to choose from and a real time preview lets you see how your photos and videos will animate.Continue reading

Creative Tip: Using Text Layers and Tilt to Create 3D Text Animation


In ProShow Producer 6 we introduced Text Layers in order to give you new creative possibilities with text. In contrast with captions, one of the obvious benefits of a text layer is to put them above or below other layers in your slide. But having an actual layer with text also means that you can use layer-only features like masking, blur, and tilt in ways that weren’t possible in previous versions. Today I’m going to show you a cool effect that utilizes text layers and tilt to simulate 3D motion on text. Although there are technically a lot of steps, this effect should only take a few minutes to set up.

Continue reading