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The Ultimate Story Video Contest Winner!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in The Ultimate Story Video Contest! We really enjoyed seeing everyone’s slideshows and all the great work that went into them.

It was so hard to choose just one grand prize winner that we also awarded a second place prize. Help us congratulate the grand prize winner, David Beckham, for his amazing self-promotional video on senior photography and to Margaret Goodwin as the runner-up. Continue reading

How to Make a Quick Instagram Teaser Video with ProShow

Love our fun freebie effects teaser videos for Instagram? You can make your own teasers too because ProShow makes it easy for you to make videos specifically for Instagram. If you’re looking to promote your new product or service, creating a quick teaser video is the way to go.

Instagram now lets you upload up to 60 seconds worth of video instead of the short 15 second limit they used to allow. What hasn’t changed is that they don’t support uploading videos directly from your computer or website. That won’t stop us from making videos we want to share. Continue reading

4 Tips for Making a Halloween Slideshow

Happy Halloween! This time of year is full of fun activities and a lot of creativity. Make sure you snap plenty of pictures of all those Halloween and Fall themed festivities because you’ll want to use them to make a memorable Halloween ProShow slideshow.

Below are some fun ideas of photos you can capture and helpful tips on putting together your slideshow. It’s also a great way to share those moments with friends and family.Continue reading

Create a Spooky Lightning Effect in Producer for Halloween Slideshows

Halloween + Rustic Fall Freebie Effects Set

Halloween is always a time for fun and creativity. From the costumes to decorations to parties + festivities, and in this case…your Halloween slideshows! Let your creativity shine through in your slideshows by making and adding your own ProShow effect. With a combination of adjustment layers and modifiers this will create a spooky lightning effect in ProShow Producer that’s perfect for those Halloween slideshows. Continue reading

Autumn Color Palette Freebie for ProShow 9!

Soft Autumn Palette for ProShow 9

The gorgeous colors of Fall are back and we have a new way to share them with ProShow 9 users! It’s time to venture out with our cameras to capture the beautiful change of the season. “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” If you’re working on a ProShow slideshow to showcase your Fall photos, then this Autumn color palette selection is perfect to incorporate rich Fall colors into your slideshows. Continue reading

ProShow 9 Feature Tour

See What’s New in ProShow 9

Experience firsthand all the new offerings of ProShow 9, through our feature tour round-up! Watch our helpful step-by-step tutorial videos which showcase how to use our all-new features and streamlined creative toolset.

All of which enable you to produce your most creative, compelling and impactful professional slideshows yet. Get more creative control over your slideshows than ever before. Explore the all-new features in ProShow 9 like Layer + Motion Filters, a re-designed color tool, 4K publishing, & more.Continue reading

Prep and Track Your Slideshows with the Publishing Queue + History

Want to publish to multiple outputs at once? With the Publishing Queue you can prepare different publishing options in advance and your videos will be created while you are away from the computer. The queue will be processed in descending order so you can rearrange the order of the videos in the queue before you start publishing. Continue reading