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Spotlighted Show: Ken Breivik Photography

Photo by: Ken Breivik Photography

This week’s spotlighted show highlights some beautiful images of a Phoenix wedding model shoot that was created by Ken Breivik Photography in ProShow Producer. Ken wanted to have an interesting way to show his clients their pictures or as a visual way to pull together events that he’s conducted. This is how he started to work on building slideshows. He soon found himself spending hours on his videos and not loving the results…that is until he found ProShow Producer. Continue reading

ProShow Turns 15!

It’s time to celebrate because today is ProShow’s 15th birthday!

15 years ago in 2002, we launched one of the first and only tools for creating professional quality multimedia slideshows. A way to organize and share digital photos with friends and family in a new and compelling way. We’ve come so far that our most current version is ProShow 9!

Thank you to all our loyal ProShow fans for spreading the word of our amazing product. It’s your support and feedback that have helped ProShow advance throughout the years.Continue reading

Adobe Introduces Lightroom CC

Did you know Lightroom recently released a new cloud-based Lightroom called Lightroom CC? Did you also know that your current desktop Lightroom is now Lightroom Classic?

“The new Lightroom CC fulfills the demands of today’s photographers for a more accesible, cloud-based photography service for editing, organizing, storing and sharing their photos from wherever they are. With Lightroom CC, photographers can make edits on one device and automatically synchronize their changes everywhere.”Continue reading

The Key to Growing into Hybrid Relevance

Today’s guest post comes from SCU President and founder of Marketing Essentials International, Skip Cohen and Professional Hybrid Photographer, Suzette Allen.

Intro By Skip Cohen

Suzette Allen is back and she’s hitting one of my favorite themes for photographers – RELEVANCE! Regardless of your age or how long you’ve been in business, your clients are looking to you to be a “guiding light” in terms of creativity and technology. Most of you already have credibility as artists, but that makes it more important for your work to be cutting-edge, and don’t forget being a master storyteller!Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Knox Photographics

Photo By Knox Photographics

This week’s spotlighted show comes from Knox Photographics, based out of Austin, Texas. Knox Photographics specializes in advertising, marketing, social media, and web imagery. This ProShow Web slideshow was featured in the Commercial Edition of Shutter Magazine and it showcases some of Knoxy’s amazing and mouth watering food photography.Continue reading

The Value of Music

ProShow Music Library

Your slideshows are not complete without some great tunes. Music will either make or break your promo videos, trailers, tutorials, and other slideshows + videos you’re making. There is so much power in music and finding the right song to add can be tough. Finding that perfect song will only intensify the mood of your slideshow and you’ll know as it plays that it’s the perfect fit and matches your photos or whatever it is you’re trying to portray. Continue reading

ProShow Podcast: Building Your Business with Mike Moats

In collaboration with Skip Cohen University, we’re excited to bring you the 19th episode in our podcast – The ProShow Spotlight Series. Every month, we share advice from some of our very best artists and business people in photography today. Each new episode has one primary purpose, to help you build a stronger business.Continue reading