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5 Tips for Scouting New Photography Locations

Have you been wanting to get out of your comfort zone and try something new? Scout for new locations to freshen up your photo sessions. By mixing it up you open yourself up to new creative opportunities like lighting, perspective, background elements, or maybe even discovering a new photography focus you hadn’t tried before.Continue reading

How to Make a Quick Instagram Teaser Video with ProShow

Love our fun freebie effects teaser videos for Instagram? You can make your own teasers too because ProShow makes it easy for you to make videos specifically for Instagram. If you’re looking to promote your new product or service, creating a quick teaser video is the way to go.

Instagram now lets you upload up to 60 seconds worth of video instead of the short 15 second limit they used to allow. What hasn’t changed is that they don’t support uploading videos directly from your computer or website. That won’t stop us from making videos we want to share. Continue reading

4 Tips for Making a Halloween Slideshow

Happy Halloween! This time of year is full of fun activities and a lot of creativity. Make sure you snap plenty of pictures of all those Halloween and Fall themed festivities because you’ll want to use them to make a memorable Halloween ProShow slideshow.

Below are some fun ideas of photos you can capture and helpful tips on putting together your slideshow. It’s also a great way to share those moments with friends and family.Continue reading

Create a Spooky Lightning Effect in Producer for Halloween Slideshows

Halloween + Rustic Fall Freebie Effects Set

Halloween is always a time for fun and creativity. From the costumes to decorations to parties + festivities, and in this case…your Halloween slideshows! Let your creativity shine through in your slideshows by making and adding your own ProShow effect. With a combination of adjustment layers and modifiers this will create a spooky lightning effect in ProShow Producer that’s perfect for those Halloween slideshows. Continue reading

How to Create the Long Exposure Effect

Have you ever wondered how people can capture a dreamy looking ocean, a waterfall, or crazy light trails? Those are all taken as a long exposure photo and it will bring out some beautiful details, drama, and lighting effects that you wouldn’t normally see without a camera.

We’ve rounded up a few articles to help you learn and experiment with a fun photography technique as well as shooting in different settings to find what you like best. It’s always nice knowing that you have another skill mastered because you never know when you may need it.Continue reading

5 Common Photography Mistakes

Whether we are pros or beginners…we all make mistakes. Maybe it doesn’t happen often but when it does we learn from it. We’re going to share 5 common mistakes we’ve all encountered at some point and how you can learn to avoid them.

Some are so simple that sometimes it just goes over our heads and don’t realize it until we see the final photo(s). Once you master avoiding these few mistakes then continue to improve your photography with one of our blog posts here: 10 Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills. Continue reading

10 Helpful Photography Blog Favorites

Love learning new photography skills and techniques? We do too! That’s why we’re listing out our top 10 favorite photography blogs (including the ProShow Blog…of course!) for easier scouting.

Need a tutorial, video, directions, in depth articles, or even quick and easy articles…these blogs have it all. Browse through these 10 blogs and see what sparks your creativity.Continue reading