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Speed Up Video Rendering With ProShow 9

PS9 Faster Video Rendering

Rendering your slideshows to video is a resource-intensive process that can take up quite a bit of time. If you’ve ever been on a tight deadline waiting for the rendering process to complete, you’re probably well aware of how time-consuming it can be. In ProShow 9, we’ve made several changes that should help expedite this process considerably.Continue reading

Improvements to Video Importing in ProShow 9

All New in ProShow 9 Video Output for Slideshows

ProShow 9 ships with a host of new features, but today we want to spotlight one of the bigger under-the-hood improvements. The video importing engine received a fairly major overhaul in order to improve your experience when working with video content. Not only should your video files import much faster in version 9, but they should also look better too.Continue reading

A Look At The Revamped Video Output Window In ProShow 8


In ProShow 8, we’ve completely reworked the Video For Web, Devices, And Computers window – the main hub for creating video files in ProShow.  Although the profiles have expanded and changed over the years, it became increasingly important to us to refocus the layout to provide a more intuitive experience that allows users to get the very best quality without having to know too much about the complex world of video encoding. Continue reading

Publish Your Shows Easily to Your USB Flash Drive


Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of customers that want to share their slideshows with friends, family, or clients via USB flash drives. Technically, this has always been possible to do, but some questions keep popping up: “What video format should I choose?”, or occasionally “Where did my file get saved and how do I move it to my USB drive?”  With ProShow 8, we’ve introduced a simple feature that we hope will eliminate any uncertainty for users.

Continue reading

Burn HD Video to DVD with the New AVCHD Feature


With ProShow 8, we’ve introduced a new output format called AVCHD. Essentially, AVCHD is a lite version of the Blu-ray format that can be burned onto a standard DVD disc. This saves the cost (or inconvenience) of having to buy a Blu-ray burner and blank Blu-ray discs. The result is that you can create pristine quality video to play on your Blu-ray player, all on a readily-available medium that can easily be archived on your shelf. For those that already create standard DVDs for their clients, AVCHD may be a perfect opportunity for a free add-on or upsell.Continue reading

Using the New Volume Leveling Feature in ProShow 8


Keeping volume levels consistent between audio tracks in your show can be a frustrating task. As you may recall, we previously wrote an article on how to edit your tracks in a 3rd party editing tool prior to importing.  To help users deal with this problem, we’ve introduced a Volume Leveling feature in ProShow 8. Today I’m going to explain this convenient tool so that you can make the most of it.Continue reading

Import Photos from ShootProof in ProShow Web

Import your photos from Shootproof into ProShow Web

Did you know you can now import photos from your ShootProof account directly into ProShow Web? If you’re not already familiar, ShootProof is an awesome service that allows photographers to create elegant online proofing galleries with print-fulfillment and commission-free sales. Plus, they offer a 30 day free trial for all first time users. Continue reading