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5 FX Pack 7 Transition Favorites

Rolling Facets – Effects Pack 7

Have you checked out the brilliant collection of transitions in Effects Pack 7? Inspired by lights and shapes to enhance your ProShow slideshows! We rounded up a few of our favorites below that are great for adding a little pop of visual flare in your videos.

1. Dot Mesh Warp

The previous slide warps outward into a mesh of dots and reveals the next slide. Also available is a ‘Dot Mesh Warp White’ that covers the screen and then warps outward to reveal the next slide.

2. Dot Mesh Haze

The previous slide disperses into a haze of dots revealing the next slide. You can also check out ‘Dot Mesh Haze White’ which covers the screen first and then reveals the following slide.

3. Concentric Twist

You can download the FX Pack 7 ‘Concentric Twist’ freebie effect directly from the Download Effects + Content in ProShow Producer. A set of rotating shapes to give your slideshows a fun spin and surprise. Learn how here!

4. Fragmented Honeycombs

The slide is split into several honeycomb pattern layers that zoom out as the next slide is revealed. Honeycomb is not the only pattern available…you can also add cubes, diamonds, and geometric shard patterns to give your slideshows a variety of twists.

5. Honeycomb Frame

Use the Honeycomb transition effect to act as a cutout between images. The cutout is divided into pieces giving you a feeling of surprise before the reveal of the next image.

Watch the demo video to see all this and more of what is included in Effects Pack 7.

Effects Pack 7 works with ProShow Producer 8 or later and ProShow Web.

Still looking for more variety? ProShow has many built-in FX and an even wider selection available in other ProShow FX Packs.


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