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10 FX for Your Graduation Slideshows

Text Layer Year Title 2 Dark – Built-in ProShow Producer

Graduation is just around the corner! Do you have a loved one graduating? Maybe you have a client that knows someone graduating. To celebrate this exciting milestone in someone’s life, share all their wonderful moments with a ProShow slideshow. Add photos, videos, their favorite song, and share it at a graduation party, or maybe present a slideshow full of all the graduating students at a school banquet or event.

Try some of these fun effects that we rounded up to include in your graduation slideshows. ProShow makes it easy! We already have tons of built-in effects, but if you want more then browse through our collection of 15 ProShow effects packs for an even wider variety.

1. Legacy

Download this traditional book-style freebie full of rich and dark neutral colors. These are great to tell a story, especially for a graduation video because you can add all those cute photos and videos of your child(ren) growing up. Find this freebie in the download extras for ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold. It’s also available as a theme in ProShow Web.

2. Contact Sheet

This is a fun effect because it resembles a photo contact sheet. If you’ve taken any graduation or senior photos this would be the perfect way to display them. Built-in portrait and landscape for ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, and landscape for ProShow Web.

3. Text Layer Year

A great way to display the graduation or year for an event/occasion as a text layer title. Plus a smaller caption for a subheading or without if you prefer. You can find this built-in to ProShow Producer.

4. Timeline

A fun and easy way to display your story with all those important milestones, events, and dates with a timeline effect. It displays 1 or 3 events in the timeline and for a longer timeline you can use the same effect over multiple slides available in the download extras for ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold.

5. Random Collage

Collages are a cute way to display any photos. It features 3 images scattered in a random collage arrangement, the camera view moving from one image to the next in a continuous but casual manner. Available in StylePack 5 for ProShow Producer and ProShow Web.

6. Wall Scroll

Wall scroll displays your images panning from right to left as if walking along an exhibit wall display. If you want to use this as an intro or ending try using the wall scroll with title option in the center. Available in Effects Pack 6.

7. Graduation Caps

Celebrate by adding in a couple of graduation cap toss transitions into your slideshow. Choose from three colors, black, blue, or red in the transitions effects dialog. Available in your downloads extra for ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold or in ProShow Web.

8. Vintage

Give those high school senior photos a nice throwback vibe by adding this polaroid vintage effect. Available in StylePack Vintage.

9. Title Picture Grid

One picture at a time appears as the scene shifts directions until it reaches the title in the center. Also check out the other title picture grid option where the images switch from grayscale to color as the scene zooms out from center. Available in StylePack 2 for ProShow Producer and ProShow Web.

10. Sports & Action Effects Pack

The Sports & Action Effects Pack for ProShow is the perfect slideshow supplement for any activities involved growing up like sports, band, orchestra, drill team, and more! Available for ProShow Producer, ProShow Gold, and ProShow Web.

Need some extra help? Check out some step-by-step instructions and tips at “How to Make a Graduation Slideshow” and get started!

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