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Celebrate Simplicity in Photography

Today’s guest post comes from SCU President and founder of Marketing Essentials International, Skip Cohen and Hybrid Photographer Suzette Allen.

Intro by Skip Cohen

When I first saw this video from Suzette Allen, I completely missed her point! I honestly thought there was something wrong – just images in a video with no music. In fact, I started to send her an email when I decided to read her post. What a concept – right?

As I read today’s post, it occurred to me what a stroke of brilliance this concept really is. It’s a commercial application and perfect for so many businesses. Even better is the minimal effort it takes to create the product/application and the way it’s being used.

This was done for a commercial client, a restaurant. So many of you have clients who are business owners and could use an enhanced video to merely fill in with a subliminal message or just entertainment. A realtor might have a video running of homes they’ve sold, smiling clients visiting their new homes, etc. The application lends itself to original images as well as stock photography.

Photodex makes it easy to do, and whether you charge for the additional service or make it an add-on with a package, it’s destined to create goodwill and enhance your relationship with the client.


By Suzette Allen

It surprises me all the time, the things people ask us to do now that we shoot video or hybrid! We do a bit of commercial work, and headshots and we enjoy helping other small businesses raise the bar of professionalism with technology. We can all stand to have a little bonus tech to make us look more savvy and techy, right?

We have done work for a restaurant over the past couple of years and now they have opened a new one! The restaurant has TV screens in it playing a variety of selected channels but didn’t want to be playing ALL the time. Specifically during certain times of the day. However, they didn’t want just blank screens in the off-times. They came to us to create a video of a very slow image transition loop of pink martini glasses so that it always has something visual going on, but is a classy show that boosts their image when not playing specific programming!

We immediately accepted the challenge, knowing it would be a piece of cake to create! No music needed – just pink martini images and smooth fades and movement. We created something for them that was clean and simple, classy and colorful, keeping in step with their brand message.

First, we went online to buy stock images and purchased about 10 stock images that fit their theme. Then we built a show, choosing Full Frame Theme, and auto energy, which made the perfect combo of movement and smooth, simple transitions. It was easy to send the link to proof it via the website, and then once approved, we generated an HD version to give them on a jump drive. Now it plays in the restaurant all the time in between regular programming and looks super professional, not to mention, interesting! #brandconsistency

ProShow Web continues to make it easy to raise the bar in our photography and our ability to do great storytelling! The simple ease of pulling this together makes me want to create a line of similar products for businesses. #beprofessional #keepitsimple #lookinggood

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