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3 Creative Ways to Display Your Slideshows

Looking for a creative way to display your slideshows? Whether you are a photographer, business owner, bride and groom, or maybe just a hobbyist…the thought of presenting your slideshows in a unique way has definitely crossed your mind.

If you’re a business owner then you could have a short portfolio video running on a loop in the office for all to see, or if you’re having a wedding or engagement reception you may want to entertain your friends and family with a fun slideshow being projected. The ideas are endless and fun of course.

Below are a couple of ways to consider displaying your slideshows in a way that your audience will love!

  1. Use a digital picture frame or add a frame around an iPad or tablet to have it playing at a table for an event or to display your work at the office and impress potential clients. You could also just use it to display your memories on a loop at home for all to see.
  2. Hang a white sheet outside and DIY! You may need to wait until it’s a little dark to get the full effect, but it’s still a fun way to project your photos and videos. Make sure everything is secure, there’s enough space, and that everyone is able to see.
  3. Using a projection screen inside like a home theater is always a classic. You can also do this at the venue for your events. Just make sure you get together with the venue/event team and have everything set up properly for when you’re ready to start. You’ll definitely have your guest’s attention with this one.

What are some ways you like to present your slideshows? We’d love to know…just leave us a comment below.


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Kathy is the Marketing Coordinator at Photodex. She likes to be creative with photography and programs like Photoshop. What she thought was a hobby growing up became a career. She enjoys living in Austin, but also loves to adventure to new places.