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7 Montage FX for Your Slideshow Intros

Wall Scroll Title Backlit – Effects Pack 6

Want to give your slideshow introductions a little more excitement? Add a twist by using one of the multi-image montage FX! The ones with captions/headers work great for an opening or a finale, but we also have tons of multi-image montage FX that you can use without captions throughout the show for a nice surprise element. With just a little extra effort it’ll definitely grab the attention of your audience and keep it.

ProShow has a variety of built-in montage FX and an even wider selection available in the ProShow FX Packs. Check out a round-up of some of our favorite montages with captions below. If you’d like to try some without captions then click here: 5 Awesome Multi-Image Montage FX.

1. Squared – StylePack4

Three images are introduced one by one against a light neutral background and morph into square sections of a title scene with a header. (Available for ProShow Producer and ProShow Web)

2. Smooth Talk 2 Montage – StylePack 4

A light or dark gradient background serves as a smooth, classic-looking title area with a montage of images panning vertically to the right of the text. (Available for ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, and ProShow Web)

3. Title Picture Grid 1 – StylePack 2

Each image switches from black and white into full color as the scene appears to zoom out from the center. (Available for ProShow Producer and ProShow Web)

4. Block Collage – StylePack 5

The Block Collage is great for adding a quick multi-image montage as an overview teaser. It features stationary images or alternating images in a block collage of mixed shapes and sizes as your title appears. (Available for ProShow Producer and ProShow Web)

5. Roundabout Title 1 – StylePack 5

This features titles and a trio of images moving in a carousel-style formation against a dark, moving background. (Available for ProShow Producer and ProShow Web)

6. Alternating Squares 2 Title – StylePack5

A simple montage with several variations that feature images progressing horizontal, diagonal, or alternating images in a stationary layout. (Available for ProShow Producer and ProShow Web)

7. Transversal Title 1 Dark – StylePack 5

Three images switch directions across three parallel rows at intervals against a dark, moving background. (Available for ProShow Producer and ProShow Web)

What are some of your favorite multi-image montage FX in ProShow? How do you use them? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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