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5 Free and Fun Photo Editing Apps

Looking for a great photo editing app right at your fingertips? Check out these 5 free apps that let you edit your photos on-the-go quickly. They are more than just slapping on a simple filter. These apps offer a ton of fun and useful features to get the best results. From editing tools like exposure, brightness, white balance, brushes, and much more.

We picked our top 5 favorite free apps, but there’s just tons of options available out there in the app stores. You can also take a look at these other useful apps to help you take a great photo: “10 Great Apps for Photography Lovers“.

  1. VSCO: The VSCO app does more than edit photos. It also functions as an additional camera and image sharing app. The editing options are great because it allows you to adjust the filter strength you apply and other enhancement tools. So you are given the control to fully fine-tune your photos. (VSCO for Google Play)
  2. Snapseed: Snapseed comes with so many creative filters and editing tools as well. These powerful tools are extremely easy to use. You can also snap a photo through the app, and compare your original image to your edited one. (Snapseed for Google Play)
  3. Camera+ Lite: Experiment with a variety of shooting modes and built-in editing tools. Simple tools have never been so simple…like cropping with a single tap, adding border designs, and dozens of one-touch effects.
  4. Adobe Photoshop Express: “Use Photoshop Express to touch your way to better-looking iPhone pictures. Use slide bar adjustments or use automatic one-touch fixes to do it for you.” From the basics like crop, rotate, and red-eye removal to image resizing, and corrections like clarity, contrast, exposure, and more. (Adobe Photoshop Express for Google Play)
  5. Pixlr: Pixlr is another free image editing app that lets you take and edit photos. Choose from tons of effects, overlays, filters, built-in editing and adjustment tools. (Pixlr for Google Play)

Though they all offer similar features it all depends on what works best for you. If you are using an iPhone or an iPad…then take it another step further and make a slideshow of your photos using the ProShow Web app! It’s easy, just upload your photos + videos directly from your camera roll and then go from there. You can also edit your photos directly from the ProShow Web app before you start building your slideshow!

See what built-in tools are available here: New ProShow Web Editing Tools. To get started go to ‘Hands on Review of the ProShow Web App for iOS‘ or watch the how to tutorial video ‘Getting Started with the ProShow Web App for iOS‘. Get the app for free here!

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