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Top 5 Transition FX for Winter Slideshows

It’s definitely felt like winter recently here in Texas! If you’re like us and rarely see snow then photographs are a must, or maybe you like taking photographs of the winter season regardless. Gather up your wintery landscape and falling snow photos, people enjoying the season, and anything else that screams winter to build a ProShow slideshow. We rounded up a few of our favorite winter transition FX that will help bring your photos to life. You’ll love the seasonal vibe your slideshow will have with these fun effects. Try them out!

Remember, that the freebie FX are now available for automatic download through ProShow Producer and Gold. Simply go to Tools –> Download FX and Content –> Download FX and Content and then a window will pop up with all the different freebie FX packages ready for you to select and download. If you want to learn more about this feature check out our post here: Downloading Free FX and Content

1. Frosty Snowflakes – Transition Pack 2

A flurry of frosty snowflakes of different sizes drift across the screen revealing the next image. From Transition Pack 2 available for ProShow Producer, ProShow Gold, and ProShow Web.

2. Snow – Falling Snow Freebie

Add the look of softly falling snow to your photos. A subtle touch to make your photos and videos feel like winter is around. This fun effect is available for ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer and ProShow Web.

3. Snow Sprite – Snow Sprite Transitions Freebie

A spritely gust of winter wipes snow in or maybe you prefer a twinkly burst of winter prancing in magically before exploding spritely snow elements to reveal the next slide. Download them all for ProShow 9 and ProShow Web.

4. Snow Flurries – Snow Transitions Freebie

Snow flurries are also a great complement to any winter slideshow. Snow flurries of various sizes dance across the screen from both sides, colliding whimsically in the center of the screen. This download freebie is available for ProShow 7 and up.

5. Snow Frost – Snow Transitions Freebie

It wouldn’t be winter without throwing in a little frost too. A wall of frost covers the slide, then melts away to reveal the next slide. See what other fun winter FX are available in the ‘Snow Transitions’ freebie package. This download is available for ProShow 7 and up.

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