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Our 5 Favorite Slideshows of 2017

Photo By: Knox Photographics

What a year 2017 has been! We received so many awesome slideshows and we’ve worked with tons of amazing photographers this year. From food photography to promoting your businesses and books to showing a dramatic story…ProShow works for any professional or enthusiast. Check out just a couple of slideshows we rounded up for you to watch all over again and enjoy.

David FitzSimmons Photography

There are just so many ways to use ProShow and one is that it’s an amazing marketing tool! David FitzSimmons (of Curious Critters) uses ProShow Producer to create quick and engaging trailers as a part of his new book launch to promote Wakem the Rooster.

Knox Photographics

Knox Photographics specializes in advertising, marketing, social media, and web imagery. Their ProShow Web slideshow highlights some of Knoxy’s amazing and mouth watering food photography.

Cory Ryan Photography

Award-winning wedding photographer Cory Ryan showcases some dazzling wedding photos that have her own modern and stylized twist in a ProShow Web slideshow.

Jeff Cable Photography

Jeff Cable Photography has made it a tradition to create a Year in Review video with ProShow Web to highlight his favorite photos. Be on the lookout for his 2017 video coming soon!

Paul Sparrow

Paul Sparrow shows a demonstration of how ProShow Producer can be used to tell a dramatic historical story. It was highlighted as part of the 2017 Latow International Audio-Visual Festival. Learn more about entering the 2018 Latow Festival here!

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