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30 Fun Photodex Facts!

Happy 30th Anniversary to Photodex! Over the last 30 years Photodex has consistently continued to innovate and develop new tools for creating professional-quality multimedia slideshows. Over the years there have been a lot of silly and serious moments in the company. We thought it’d be cool if we dug up 30 random fun facts about us to share, plus it’s always fun to take a trip down memory lane.

  1. Photodex used to be based in California, not too far from Silicon Valley. We relocated our HQ to Austin, TX in 1996.
  2. Over the past 30 years we have moved the office 8 times.
  3. In the 90’s we used to have a product mascot – ‘Compy the Squirrel’ (like Clippy the paperclip in Microsoft). Compy was inspired by a stock photo of a squirrel we used for testing.
  4. We used to include instructions on how to use a CD as coaster on each software demo CD we shipped. “Take disc out of sleeve. Place on table. Place beverage on disc.”
  5. For 15 years every single one of our software boxes that we shipped out had “Made in Texas Y’all” printed on the bottom.
  6. The first track used on hundreds of ProShow demo and test slideshows was by the Barenaked Ladies. Try listening to a couple seconds of that on a loop for hours. Yikes!
  7. Our company vehicle was completely wrapped in Photodex ‘gold’ vinyl so you can see us coming from a mile away.
  8. At one point in time we had a graphics whiz that featured a wizard hat.
  9. Photodex used to hold conferences/seminars (even in the UK). There have been 2 ProShow-Cons.
  10. We’ve won 12 Customer Service Awards at the Stevies including the Gold in 2016.
  11. We’ve won 5 product awards.
  12. ProShow Gold has won PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award 4 times for best slideshow software.
  13. This year ProShow turned 15! We are currently on version 9 which was released in August.
  14. ProShow Web turned 7 this year! We even have an app so you can still make engaging slideshows on-the-go.
  15. We are a totally private, non-VC funded company and very much like it that way. The only investors we want to impress are our super awesome customers.
  16. We were one of the first companies in the world to adopt the “try before you buy” model for software and services online in the early 90’s – a policy we still stand by to this very day.
  17. We published one of the first ever digital slideshow tools in 1991. It allowed users to display a series of photos on their screen, each transitioning to the next without user interaction. A pretty simple slideshow compared to today’s standards, but it was pretty neat for it’s time.
  18. We offer a free ProShow plug-in for your Lightroom needs.
  19. In 2016 we stopped selling physical copies of the ProShow software and the ProShow user guide. Everything is now completely electronic. You can download a free trial or purchase the software here. The user guide is also available as a free PDF download. (ProShow Gold + ProShow Producer).
  20. Our President and Founder, Paul, was 21 years old when he started Photodex in 1987.
  21. Paul, our President + Founder, learned how to program as a kid at one of the country’s first ever computer retail stores called “The Byte Shop” on a Processor Technology Sol computer.
  22. We had a bobblehead figurine made of our founder, Paul, for his 40th birthday.
  23. At the Photodex office we have only one dress code suggestion in our employee handbook. That is that you can’t wear your PJ’s to work.
  24. We used to have a former pro basketball player work at Photodex.
  25. That same employee was the tallest at 6’11”!!
  26. Every year Photodex celebrates “Talk Like a Pirate Day”. You may be in for a little surprise if you ever call in to talk to a support rep on Sept. 19th.
  27. All new employees must eat a certain candy from Holland as a right of passage. We won’t say which, but…IT…TASTES…AWFUL!
  28. When we say we’ll work with you until your issue is resolved, we mean it. Our longest customer support call was 6 hrs, 10 mins.
  29. All of our customer service phone and email support is 100% based in the U.S. You’ll always speak to a knowledgeable rep out of our Austin, Texas HQ when you contact us!
  30. We used to make each employee build their own work station computer once they were hired. They got a box of parts and a screwdriver. We’ve since stopped that hazing, but it did teach many employees the ins and outs of a PC!
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Kathy is the Marketing Coordinator at Photodex. She likes to be creative with photography and programs like Photoshop. What she thought was a hobby growing up became a career. She enjoys living in Austin, but also loves to adventure to new places.