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How to Make a Quick Instagram Teaser Video with ProShow

Love our fun freebie effects teaser videos for Instagram? You can make your own teasers too because ProShow makes it easy for you to make videos specifically for Instagram. If you’re looking to promote your new product or service, creating a quick teaser video is the way to go.

Instagram now lets you upload up to 60 seconds worth of video instead of the short 15 second limit they used to allow. What hasn’t changed is that they don’t support uploading videos directly from your computer or website. That won’t stop us from making videos we want to share.

Make Your Slideshow in ProShow

  1. Open ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer
  2. Click the “New” icon in the top left and select the “Blank Show” button on that window
  3. Change the Aspect Ratio to Custom and choose 1 x 1.

    (NOTE: The 1 x 1 aspect ratio allows your show to be the square shape to meet Instagram requirements. Then just add your Show Title and click Create.)

  4. Drag about 10-15 photos into your slide list to start an average paced show.

    (NOTE: Remember that you only have a 60 second limit and the number of images you use depends on if you’re creating a fast, slow, or average paced show.)

  5. Press CTRL+A to select all slides

    (WIZARD NOTE: If you’d like to continue with the ‘Wizard’ from here you can since you’ve already applied your custom aspect ratio. Keep your photos selected, right click and select ‘Use Wizard on All Slides’. Choose your theme, energy, and apply. Go to #7 to learn more about which slide styles and transition effects work best for an Instagram teaser vid.)

  6. Press CTRL+ALT+1 to scale the images down to fill the full slide area
  7. Apply simple slide styles and transitions. Remember that you only have up to 60 seconds and this is also meant to be viewed on a small screen (cell phone or tablet). This means you want your photos to be viewed and not over shadowed by a complex or extremely animated motion effect. Stick to blurs, slides, pushes, fade in or out for transitions. Then for slide styles try fill frame pan, fill frame zoom, backdrop dark zoom in and out, or momentum 3d. Anything that is simple or has little animation will work well.
  8. Hit CTRL+A to select all your slides again then change the slide time between 2-3 seconds and the transitions to about 0.5. All the slides will automatically change to match. This will give you a slideshow that is 32-45 seconds long.

    (NOTE: If you’d rather sync your slideshow to the song you choose in step #9 then skip this step.)

  9. Select your song to match your slideshow from the built-in ProShow music library or upload your own track to ProShow.
  10. Once you’ve added your song then double click the soundtrack or go to the menu at the top left and select Show –> Soundtrack to open the Soundtrack window. From here you can edit your track with the built-in editing tools if you want to add some fade in and out, or if you rather it start or end at different points during the song.

    (NOTE: You can also select ‘Sync Slide to Audio’ in the Soundtrack window. This will sync your slide and/or transition times with the soundtrack. After it’s been synced you can go back and tweak some times if you want certain photos to last longer on the screen.)

  11. Then go to the top left menu and select File –> Save and choose a file name and save your show somewhere on your system.
  12. Publish your slideshow using an appropriate format so that it can be uploaded to Instagram.

    If you are using ProShow Gold, click the ‘Publish’ icon at the top to open the publishing window. Then select under the Video Files category ‘For Web or Device’ and choose one of the MPEG-4 formats. (Ex: 720p 1080p, 4K, etc.)

    If you are using ProShow Producer, click the ‘Publishing’ tab in the top right corner and select ‘Video for Web, Devices and Computers’ and click create. Then select one of the MPEG-4 formats. (Ex: 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc.)

    Click the Create button once you’ve chosen your format then choose a file name for this MPEG-4 file and save it in a location that you’re familiar with and can find easily. The video will then begin rendering and should complete quickly due to its short length.


Uploading Your Video to Instagram

Now that you’ve completed building your show and have your video file ready for upload, we have to get it onto your mobile device or tablet to be able to upload into the Instagram app.

  1. Send it as an email attachment to yourself. (If you do not have an email then consider creating a free Dropbox or WeTransfer account. You can upload the file online and then download it directly to your mobile device.)
  2. Open the email and download the attached video to your Camera Roll.
  3. Open the Instagram app and select the plus (+) icon at the bottom center to upload your video.
  4. Then you can trim, mute, add a filter, and/or select a cover photo if you prefer.
  5. Once you’re done editing your video click ‘Next’ at the top right.
  6. Here you can add your fun caption describing your slideshow.
  7. Finally…hit ‘Share’ at the top right.

Your video is now being viewed by all your friends and family. You can even have the option of sharing to other social media accounts linked to your Instagram such as Facebook or Twitter.

What are some other ways you use videos on Instagram? We’d love to know. Share with us in the comments below.

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