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The Value of Music

ProShow Music Library

Your slideshows are not complete without some great tunes. Music will either make or break your promo videos, trailers, tutorials, and other slideshows + videos you’re making. There is so much power in music and finding the right song to add can be tough. Finding that perfect song will only intensify the mood of your slideshow and you’ll know as it plays that it’s the perfect fit and matches your photos or whatever it is you’re trying to portray.

Now you no longer have to waste your time sorting through hundreds of expensive, bad, low-quality tracks, or finding one you love only to find out there’s some strings attached because…

We have a built-in royalty-free music library in ProShow. This means you have quick access to a wide variety of songs and sound fx that are fully licensed for use in your videos. Score!

Tug on people’s heartstrings, add a little climax to your slideshow, or maybe just add a sound fx here or there to complete your video. We have everything from acoustic melodies to rockin tunes to soulful piano…music you’ll actually want to listen to and use.

Have a quick listen to a few songs below to get an idea of what’s available.

Preview the ProShow Music Library

*You can find these tracks under the ‘Top Picks’ category.

Take advantage of this great pro-tool and upgrade your copy of ProShow today. The built-in ProShow music library is only available to users with ProShow 7 and up.

There are already 370+ songs in ProShow Producer, 330+ songs in ProShow Gold, and 600+ songs in ProShow Web. Plus, we are constantly adding new songs to the music library! We’d love to hear what suggestions you have for music genres or type of songs you’d like to see included. Leave us a comment below.

For more information on accessing the built-in music library and how to use it…check out these helpful articles and the tutorial video:


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