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ProShow Podcast: Building Your Business with Mike Moats

In collaboration with Skip Cohen University, we’re excited to bring you the 19th episode in our podcast – The ProShow Spotlight Series. Every month, we share advice from some of our very best artists and business people in photography today. Each new episode has one primary purpose, to help you build a stronger business.

This month’s guest is international award winning, professional macro photographer Mike Moats. His passion lies in the closeup and macro world. So many of his most beautiful images are things we see all the time, but rarely look close enough to appreciate.

Listen To: Building Your Business with Mike Moats

You can also listen via our podcast in iTunes.

Check out more of Mike’s work on his website, Mike Moats Tiny Landscapes, or learn more about macro photography on his blog, Tiny Landscapes. If you’d like a more hands on approach on macro photography, Mike also has a Macro Photo Club and workshops that you can attend to improve your skills.

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