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How to Create the Long Exposure Effect

Have you ever wondered how people can capture a dreamy looking ocean, a waterfall, or crazy light trails? Those are all taken as a long exposure photo and it will bring out some beautiful details, drama, and lighting effects that you wouldn’t normally see without a camera.

We’ve rounded up a few articles to help you learn and experiment with a fun photography technique as well as shooting in different settings to find what you like best. It’s always nice knowing that you have another skill mastered because you never know when you may need it.

Check out a few of the basic necessities to get started and which setting/location you’d like to try out below. Don’t give up if it doesn’t turn out just how you wanted the first couple times. This is a skill that’s a little difficult to master, but once you perfect the lighting and camera settings you’ll achieve that magic photo you’ve been wanting real quick.

The Basics: Technique & Gear


Light Trails


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