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5 Common Photography Mistakes

Whether we are pros or beginners…we all make mistakes. Maybe it doesn’t happen often but when it does we learn from it. We’re going to share 5 common mistakes we’ve all encountered at some point and how you can learn to avoid them.

Some are so simple that sometimes it just goes over our heads and don’t realize it until we see the final photo(s). Once you master avoiding these few mistakes then continue to improve your photography with one of our blog posts here: 10 Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills.

  1. Not close enough: By not getting close to your subject you can run into a number of issues. Confusion on what your main focus is, details are too small/far, or unwanted elements are included. By taking a few steps closer or using a quality zoom lens you’ll have a much more impactful photo.
  2. Distractions (not checking the surroundings): Sometimes we get a little too focused on the subject and we don’t realize what’s going on in the background. You don’t want a tree or a pole looking like it’s coming out of your subject’s head…do you? Do a quick scan of your location with and without the camera for any distracting elements or maybe even check if there’s any elements you want to include to complement the photo.
  3. Lighting: Don’t always rely on the built-in flash, that’s great for some photos, but not all. Consider shooting near a sunny window, with a white poster, or lightbox if you’re thinking about using flash. Also, think about your location, the time of day, shadows, are you inside or outside and much more. Remember if there’s no kind of lighting then your photos won’t turn out very well. Having great lighting can turn a dull photo into an exciting and professional looking one. So keep trying new lighting techniques.
  4. Composition: As a beginner it’s really easy to want your focus to be right in the center, but that is boring or sometimes it’s confusing and can lead you in different directions away from your focus…just depending on the image. Try starting off with the rule of thirds or a few other guidelines, off center the photo, or add some depth. This will make it easier to make things clear on what you want the focus of your image to be.
  5. Blurry Shots: Ever wonder why your photos keep turning out blurry? You probably have to adjust the aperture, make your shutter speed faster, and/or have a higher ISO. Another way to avoid a blurry photo is to use a tripod and wireless remote to avoid camera shake when you take the photo. There are many simple fixes to this common problem among beginners. Keep your camera focused too and you’ll have great photos in no time.

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