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Photographers – Before You Hit the Road

Intro By Skip Cohen

I know I’ve said this before, but this might be my most favorite “Suzette Says” post to date. Why? Because she’s made it so easy to understand and given you great examples of the process. In fact, she’s done everything but stand by your side and tell you what buttons to push!

These days everyone is on the road, even if you’re just doing a wedding on location for the day, you’re away from your desk and while not out of touch, you’re out of reach. So often your mind isn’t directly on the business, but the project or client you’re working directly with. But at the same time, you’ve got these little pockets of down time and an opportunity to easily capture a few images.

Taking advantage of the right mobile app gives you a chance to easily build content you might normally miss. Plus, one of your biggest challenges in social media is fresh content for your blog. Just doing a “ReelStory” a couple times a month will keep your readers in touch with what you’re doing and reinforce your role as an artist.

ProShow has made it so easy. While typing today’s post I downloaded the ProShow mobile app to my phone. It’s FREE and only takes a few seconds to load and for your laptop and main computer check out the new ProShow 9. It’s easy to use and can take your presentations to a new level.


By Suzette Allen

One of the things I plan for when I go on a trip, of course, is photography! Do I have the cameras, lenses, batteries, SD cards, tripod, laptop…? But for our mobile lifestyle, it’s getting more important to travel light…fortunately it is getting easier too!

After years of using a DSLR, I now use a mirrorless Lumix camera, and feel no sacrifice of quality – just the benefit of mirrorless and light weight. I can also carry a tablet, a tiny tripod, (or no tripod) and I can pretty much create whatever I want on the road. I will often wifi my images straight to my phone to process the images in either Lightroom Mobile OR Snapseed to get that polished punch I love, especially for social media.

Posting and sharing is vital but I end up wanting to share my ReelStories! There’s nothing quite as stirring and real as the video or the slideshow (or hybrid) of a series of images from the event that tells the story beautifully with music and transitions! Video and slideshows make a story far more compelling, let’s face it.

Well, ProShow Web is one of THE easiest ways to tell a ReelStory, but did you know that the mobile app for ProShow Web is actually fully functional with music and customization options?

I was shocked to see how simple it was to even figure it out off the cuff! Very intuitive. And the sharing to social is seamless and easy, just like the desktop version. I love the fact that the images and videos are being built in the cloud, so it doesn’t tie up my resources (on phone OR computer) and I can take a call or surf at any time during the process!

So today I built a quick show on my iPhone, with just flower pictures that had been processed with Snapseed! [Note: For those of you used to use NIK software, Snapseed is basically the handy mobile version NIK — and it’s FREE! (For those who don’t know the power of NIK or Snapseed, you really MUST download it now and be amazed at what you can do to improve your images!)]

It was actually very easy to find and select all the images because Snapseed puts all the processed images in a folder on your camera roll. Then I just selected them, put them in a new album and fired up ProShow Web and imported all the images at once. Selecting the theme and music and energy is all easy with the touch screen and the magic just happens! I even edited it a few times and removed some effects I was not fond of…changed the music too!

So whether your images are from your pro camera or your smartphone, you can make a beautiful, compelling show in mere moments with ProShow Web Mobile App and share the fun effortlessly while you are on the go! We are about to take off on a series of trips for the next 12 weeks, so stay tuned for the ReelStories and the ReelFun of creating on the go!

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