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How to Use the Re-Designed Color Tool + Color Palettes

Follow along in our step-by-step tutorial video on how to use the re-designed color tool and the all new color palettes. The re-designed color tool provides you with quick access to complimentary and similar colors, making it easier to quickly find the perfect color for captions, backgrounds, outlines, and more.

Included in the color tool is a variations palette, here you will find your color selection in the center surrounded by 24 slightly different options to help you match your content better. Also included is the compliments palette that automatically offers compliments and similar colors based off your selected color.

Want your colors even more customized? The color tool lets you save your favorite or frequently used colors to make custom color palettes in addition to the already built-in palettes.

Test out the new customizable color palettes and re-designed color tool by upgrading or downloading a free trial of ProShow 9. Available in both ProShow Gold 9 and ProShow Producer 9.

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