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All New Layer Filters in ProShow 9

The all new layer filters feature lets you apply from a selection of over 45 built-in instant effects to any photo or video with ProShow 9. You can apply layer filters on their own or you can customize your photos + videos even further by combining them with any of ProShow’s slide styles and transitions.

Plus, preview your filtered photo or video in real-time to easily browse between layer filters and to toggle between the original and filtered image to compare the changes. From retro to sepia to simple black & white, you’ll discover a whole new level of creativity with these fun filters.

Available in both ProShow Gold 9 and ProShow Producer 9.

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As a member of Photodex's events team, Dylan specializes in teaching pro photographers and slideshow hobbyists alike how to use ProShow in their business. He's an avid student of photography and enjoys Austin's eclectic mix of music, art and nature.