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11 Fun Photo Project Ideas

Looking to try something new in the world of photography? Start a photography project to develop those skills and techniques to get some pretty amazing results. Pretty soon you’ll be able to develop that instinct of just pointing, shooting, and capturing the best photo.

Browse through our round-up of photography ideas filled with how-to’s, ProShow effects, sample slideshows, and much more to help you get started. This is a great way to challenge yourself + improve your photography, and to bust out of any creative block you have. You’ll also have plenty of fun along the way…no doubt.

  1. Food Photography: A lot of us are foodie people who just have to have that perfect photo of our meal. We eat everyday a few times a day so that’s plenty of opportunities for practice to achieve that yummy food photo. Get the best information from many blog articles full of tips and tricks here.
  2. Landscape Photography: Even if you’re not on the mountains you can take an adventure around the block, in the city, or your yard. You’ve got plenty of options to get creative. Check out a round-up of landscape tips, galleries, and more.
  3. Black and White Photography/Monochrome: An interesting technique to try is to make your photos black and white. A nice twist to a photo by giving it a different vibe. Learn the basics and get a deeper look with a couple of how-to articles.
  4. Night/Astronomy Photography: Night photography can be tough, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to capture the beautiful night sky or the lit up skyline. In addition to learning the basics…you can also check out some galleries of night photography for inspiration.
  5. Time Lapse: Learn to make a video built of hundreds of images taken per second. You will also get some tips on how to set up your photo intervals and examples of awesome videos made in ProShow. Take one of these photo projects and turn it into a time lapse, such as landscape, nights, nature, or sunrise/sunsets.
  6. 365-Day Project (or 52-week project): Try a new skill each day to challenge and improve your photography skills. If you can’t do one each day then try a photo each week. Look for themes, colors, techniques or anything else you want to focus on.
  7. Macro Photography: See the world from another point of view with macro photography. Try out different angles or subjects and the results are always fun and unique. Check out tips & tricks and other creative ideas for macro photos.
  8. Product Photography: Taking photos on a white background just looks so crisp, clean, and professional. Even if you don’t have a business or a need for product photography it’s still a fun technique to try with these helpful tips.
  9. Nature Photography: There’s always something to take photos of with nature. Just go outside and there’ll be tons of options for you to choose from, like flowers, landscape, and wildlife. Browse through some awesome galleries and lists of places to photograph.
  10. Pet Photography: We all do it. We just love to document each and every silly and weird thing our pets do. Capture the moments and share them with your friends and family. A fun way to showcase your pet photography is with our ProShow effects. Check out our ‘Pawsitively Purrfect‘ theme & fx and our pet section of the ‘Scrapbook Creative Kit‘ full of an assortment of themed layers, backgrounds, borders, and other elements.
  11. Sunrises/Sunsets Photography: Capture the sunrise or sunset at different times of the day. Learn how to get the best photo with 10 how-to tips from photographer David FitzSimmons. You’ll see so many beautiful colors and silhouettes depending on where you are and the what time of day it is.


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