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Black & White Photography Tips and Tricks

Black and white photography is a great technique to try for giving your images a striking look. Consider shooting in/for black and white next time you’re out on an adventure or maybe just want to go on a practice run. Some of the better subjects to work with are landscape or portrait.

Check out a few of the basic tips below to get you started. Also included below are 5 in-depth how-to articles for shooting in black and white to help you capture that great photo.

Basic Tips

  • Shoot in RAW: Shooting in RAW helps the editing process later on. This way no matter what you apply to the camera when you take the photo, the file will contain all the information necessary for a successful conversion to black and white or go back to color if b&w doesn’t work out.
  • Look for Contrast, Shape, Texture, and Patterns: These will all help to make your photo stand out. You’re able to focus on details and composition of certain areas that will capture everyone’s attention and take notice.
  • Silver Efex Pro 2: A fun and easy Photoshop/Lightroom plug-in tool to enhance your black and white photography. You can control a particular color within the image, adjust brightness, contrast, and structure control points.
  • Filters: Don’t be afraid to use filters. They can definitely help to enhance photos. Darken skies with a polarized filter, use coloured filters for monochrome photography, or manipulate contrast with graduated neutral density filters.
  • Long Exposure: This is another photography technique that can improve your black and white photos. It can also add texture and contrast to your photos. Ex: clouds or moving water.

How-to Articles

To get a deeper look at black and white photography tips and tricks check out the articles below.


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