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9 Creative Ideas for Macro Photography

Are you stuck in a creative rut? Macro photography is such a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. You’re able to focus on a simple subject and then view it in a variety of beautiful ways.

You’ll see patterns, textures, lighting, colors and so much more from another point of view and see things you wouldn’t normally see on a regular basis.

Don’t know where to start? To get you inspired we’ve rounded up 9 creative ideas for macro photography. You’ll never see a flower, insect, water, or color the same again. In a good way of course!

1. Flowers

Flowers are a great choice to photograph because they come in all shapes and colors. This gives you so many ways to highlight their beauty and differences up close.

2. Insects

Don’t be afraid to get up close to the creepy crawlies. Butterflies, spiders, and other insects are super unique with their wings, colors, legs, and eyes. Plus they’re unpredictable so you can also catch them doing something weird or crazy up close.

3. Patterns

Think of something you wouldn’t normally take a photo of…like colored pencils, the center of a flower, the weaves of a basket, or the rings on wood. Look for things that’ll have texture and patterns so that you can develop your abstract macro photography.

4. Feathers

They are on birds, the store, or even in your pillow. These are definitely both colorful and have some texture to them. Once you’re up close you’ll even see some curves or straight lines.

5. Beach Objects

There is so many things to photograph at the beach! Seashells, sand, water, the list goes on! Shells are so pretty and each one will have its own personality. See all the rings/curves, colors, silky-ness or roughness, they just have so much to them. The water will probably be of different colors or maybe capture the texture of sand after it’s been wet.

6. Food

Are you already into food photography? Try macro! Fruits and veggies are pretty cool since they’re colorful inside and out…especially with their seeds. Even try candy up close…maybe after taking a bite of a chocolate bar, or of a light colored hard candy that you can see all the sugar.

7. Bokeh

Can’t go wrong with bokeh. Try adding some bokeh to an out of focus macro image. This will give your macro photos another twist by including a different technique.

8. Freeze

Try freezing some flowers and creating a whole new texture for you to take some different macro photos. You’ll be able to highlight details from two different subjects.

9. Droplets

Find water droplets/dew on unusual surfaces like spider webs, fences, or windows to give your photos a twist. If you can’t find anything with droplets…make your own with a spray bottle. They’re pretty cool and act like mini magnifying glasses on a blade of grass, leaves, or anything they’re on.

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