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7 Reunion Slideshow FX Round-Up

Page Curl – Glossy Opaque – Bottom Right (Built-in Transition)

Summer is a popular time for reunions. Whether it be family, friends, an organization, or another kind of special gathering. One thing is for sure is there are lots of photos. It’s always nice to share some photos from the past to look back on or more current photos during the reunion. You can also take some photos during the current reunion to prepare for the next one.

ProShow makes it easy with all the creative built-in tools, music library, and more.

To get you started we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite reunion style fx and transitions to make your reunion or family videos look good. Your slideshows will be a great keepsake for all.

1. Remember When Montage Trio Portrait BW

Feature three of your favorite images with this black and white photo strip available for ProShow Producer. (A two photo montage is also available for ProShow Gold.) Check out more from the ‘Remember When’ reunion effects freebie set!

2. Vintage 09 Single 1

Have your photo look like it’s being shown by a projector. A great way to give your images that vintage vibe. You can find this effect in the Vintage StylePack.

3. Vintage 02 Multi

This effect gives your reunion photos that just out of a box after 20 years feel. It can make newer reunion photos feel like they were taken years ago. This effect is also part of the Vintage StylePack.

4. Old Film Projector Still

Show your photos through an old film projector simulation. Effects include a projection flicker, dust, scratches, and warm-toned muted colors. You can find this effect and many more similar ones in StylePack 2. (Available for ProShow Producer.)

5. Clouds

Clouds sweep over the previous slide, revealing the next slide. Available in Transition Pack 1.

6. Classic Textured Blends Warm 2B

Photos featured have a warm-toned textured photo background which offset the main image. Check all the other options available in Effects Pack 6.

7. Picture Line

A sequence of five photos appear hanging from a clothes line. Perfect for those reunions out by the lake! These montages are available in StylePack 1.

What are some of your favorite ProShow slide styles and transitions that you use for your reunion slideshows? Let us know in the comments below!


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