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7 More ProShow Keyboard Shortcuts

ProShow has so many keyboard shortcuts to help you work with the software faster and easier. We listed out 7 more keyboard shortcuts in addition to the 10 shortcuts we listed in our previous blog post.

You can find it here: 10 ProShow Keyboard Shortcuts.

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  1. Go to Slide (Jump): CTRL+G
    Don’t want to scroll to slide 20 or 50? Just use this shortcut to type out the slide number and jump right over.
  2. Capture Frame: CTRL+SHIFT+C
    If you love the look of your picture after adding an effect then you can save the image into a jpg.
  3. Drag & Drop Multiple Images Into One Slide: CTRL+(DRAG+DROP)
    Add multiple images at once into one slide to make a multi-image montage or to just save yourself some time if you already know what photos you want together.
  4. Shift Slides Left & Right: > <
    Hit the greater than or less than keys for a quick rearrangement in slides. (Not to be confused with the arrow keys…I know I’ve hit them out of habit, but that will just take you to the next slide and not actually rearrange them.)
  5. Select All Slides: CTRL+A
    Selecting all slides makes it easy to add the same effect to multiple slides, use the wizard, and more.
  6. Insert Blank Slide: ALT+B
    Easily add a blank slide to your slideshow if you forgot to add another photo or title slide.
  7. Manage Soundtrack: CTRL+M
    This opens your soundtrack options. From syncing your slideshow to the song to fading in and out. This allows you to see the changes you make to the track as you go.

Check out all the ProShow Keyboard Shortcuts by downloading the free PDF on our site.

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