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5 Tips to Shoot + Produce Travel Slideshows

Want to bring back a nice and free memento from your trip(s)? Forget bringing back a keychain or a t-shirt…take pictures of your trip as you go so you can make the best slideshow. It’s a great and easy way to relive those moments.

Below are a few tips to help you plan what you want to shoot and what else to include in your final video. Once you’ve produced your slideshow you can share your journey and all the excitement from it with your friends and family. An awesome keepsake for all.

1. Pick Your Location

Do your research, plan what you’re going to shoot, and try to schedule your shooting times. Keep in mind the temperatures of where you’ll be, if there’ll be a lot of people at a certain time, and anything else that could result in a change. Be prepared!

2. Take the Right Gear

So you’ve already planned where and what you want to shoot. Now you need to decide what gear to bring. Remember to travel light. This helps reduce the risk of any damage or losing equipment, plus it’s less things to carry around while you’re on your trip (depending on what you’re doing, like a hike or water activities). Ex: Start with packing a camera that you’ll always have with you, a tripod, maybe an extra lens (for wide angle or macro shots), and/or a cell phone.

3. Photography Twists

Try a new angle, go to an area with beautiful architecture details or street details, reflections, or birds/worms eye view. Give it your own unique spin and show everyone your photos from your point of view. If you’re still looking to get more creative try a different focus like macro. Get up close to those architecture buildings and capture the teeny tiny details.

4. Add Video Clips

Include some video clips in your slideshow or a time lapse. It’s always nice to add a little movement and break out of the monotony of still images.

5. Add a Collage/Montage

Another fun way to add a small dash of creativity is to make a multi-image montage. These also help to change up the pace of your slideshow from all the single or double images already included.


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