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5 Helpful Right Clicks in ProShow

Speed up your workflow with these 5 helpful right click features in ProShow 8. Don’t spend time searching for a feature that is found right at your fingertips in one of the right click menus.

Check out a few of our favorites below and take them for a spin yourself!

1. Add/Remove Time

This feature gives you the ability to apply time changes to a group of slides or transitions while maintaining your pace. This allows you spread time across all slides or to each slide individually. Watch our ‘How to Use the Add/Remove Time Feature in ProShow 8‘ for a quick tutorial.

2. Capture Frame

Do you just love your image after the slide styles, creative kit assets, and editing have been applied? Save it! With the capture frame feature in ProShow Producer you can right click, adjust the file format + resolution, and get a direct download of your photo.

3. Combine Slides

Select two (or more) slides then right click and combine slides. This is super helpful because you won’t have to go searching for the image and apply it again. Now you’re ready to get started on those multi-image montages.

4. Use Wizard on Selected Slides (or All Slides)

Didn’t start your slideshow using the Wizard? No problem. Just select the slides you want to apply the Wizard to, right click, and select ‘Use Wizard on Selected Slides’ or maybe you want to use all your photos, then select ‘Use Wizard on All Slides’. Once you’ve done that you can continue using the Wizard as usual by selecting your theme, music, energy, and more.

5. Split/Start/Stop Track Here

With the split track option you can either split your original track into two tracks to use at different moments of your slideshow or you can use it to remove a section of the track you prefer not to include. Just select your timeline to view the audio and start right clicking! You can also watch our ‘Learn to Split Audio‘ ProShow quick tip tutorial video for a better look.

What are your favorite right click features? Share with us in the comments below.

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