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Tips for Making a Father’s Day Slideshow

Create a special gift to give to your Dad, Grandpa, Husband, or other men in your life for Father’s Day. A personalized slideshow highlighting all your favorite memories together would be perfect. ProShow makes it easy and you’ll have a slideshow finished in minutes. It’s also fun to share with the entire family on the big screen.

Here are some tips to get you started!

  1. Organize Your Photos and Video Clips
    • Make a timeline slideshow with photos of his childhood to the present. Remember to select just a couple photos to keep the slideshow short and sweet.
    • You can also make a ‘Best Of’ slideshow featuring Dad, Grandpa, etc. Add photos full of family trips, silly video clips, action shots, and group photos.
  2. Create the Slideshow
    • Wizard: With the Wizard it can automatically build your slideshow. Just choose a theme, add pictures, titles and captions, and music from the built-in royalty-free ProShow music library.
      (You must be running ProShow 7 or later for access to the music library.) Done.
    • Retouching: If you’re adding scanned images you can use ProShow’s built-in editing tools to auto-correct, crop, sharpen, remove red-eye, and more before finalizing your slideshow.
    • Add Titles and Captions: Pair your photos with a personalized message or add a brief message to the start or end of your show.
    • Music: If you have a special song that you prefer to use that holds something special in your heart then simply upload the file into your ProShow slideshow. Combining photos to the perfect song makes a big difference.
  3. Add More FX and Custom Slides
    • You can continue to edit your slideshow if you want to include more animation and effects with all the tools ProShow has to offer. Add the perfect touch to your Father’s Day slideshow with some rugged textures and a color palette of blue, red, brown, and ivory with the Father’s Day Freebie Effects Set.
    • Vintage StylePack and StylePack 5 also work great by giving your slideshows a look and feel of the past with a modern twist.
  4. Publish and Share
    • With ProShow you have a variety of output options to choose from to view your final slideshow. Watch it through social media, your smart TV, or phone. You can publish directly to DVD, Blu-ray, USB, mpeg4, or one of our many other output options available.

Got the right tool to build your slideshow?

Make a photo slideshow for Father's Day

With ProShow it literally takes just minutes to make an awesome video slideshow using the automated wizard and instant effects. Get started today with ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer.

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Have a great Father’s Day!

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